How to make your wardrobe

Almost all women constantly complain to each other that they have nothing to wear. At the same time, their dress closets no space. What is there? As a rule, those things that are not used or not worn at all. It would be correct to have a basic set of things, and it has to add fashionable novelties of the season. To organize your closet take all things. Let’s see what are the main for you.

Try to keep the clothing was unique in purpose and could be present in almost all seasons. Do not have to buy them at exorbitant prices. Now on the market a sufficient choice, so don’t grab the first thing that came to hand. Most importantly, the thing sat on you impeccably. It is also important combination of basic things among themselves by color, style and texture of fabrics, as well as matching your existing accessories.

What should be a basic wardrobe? First, it priority is given to the black top, which is relevant at any time of the day. In addition, add a couple of shirts in neutral colors. These things can be as short sleeved and long. Most importantly, make you feel relaxed in them.

Another element is the black turtleneck. This thing does not lose its relevance for over half a century.

Diversity only makeup and hair, you will look irresistible. Must be in the closet are three blouses men’s shirts, one of them is white. Wearing over it a short or a long cardigan, you can go to any event.

Classics of the genre – little black dress. It should register in your closet forever. Wherever you put it. The same rights will buy a pencil skirt.

How to make your wardrobe

Pay attention to well fitting jeans, two pairs will be enough. To find these, you will need to spend a little more time and money. But the cost will be repaid with interest.

Another object that belongs to the category of important, pants. They have to choose with the same care as a pair of jeans. Pay attention to the texture of the fabric, if it will be suitable to any season. Besides all the above, in your closet should be a place for a couple of suits with trousers and skirt, one or two office dresses and also don’t forget about the holiday outfit.

Special attention will be good quality underwear. For cold time period, you’ll need a coat, winter coat and jacket-down jacket. Add a couple of hand knit sweaters and warm trousers.

As for accessories, here the basic are considered a couple of bags, scarves, hats, shoes and jewelry.

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