How to hide extra weight

Look more slender and to hide a few extra pounds is not difficult, the main thing is to know how to choose the right wardrobe. And we are not talking about shapeless robes that make women attractive.

How to hide extra weight

10 rules for creating a slim silhouette

1. The basic colors of the clothes closet must be a dark palette. Colors like black, charcoal grey and Navy blue, as well as possible to hide excess weight.

2. It is necessary to wear compression slimming underwear, bodysuit, tights and panties.

3. Emphasize the advantages of the silhouette. The owner of the shapely legs should not hide them under long skirts and dresses.

4. You should not choose clothes made of fabrics that fit snugly to the body, as well as thick or rigid materials.

5. Emphasis is placed on the face using a variety of accessories, such as hats, scarves, earrings, etc.

6. Exclude from the wardrobe of tight, form-fitting or tight clothes.

7. Accessories, ranging from jewelry and handbags should be selected in proportion to the figure.

8. To create a beautiful silhouette under clothing you should wear shoulder pads.

9. Should be given preference for clothes cut strictly simple, not overloaded with elements.

10. Create sets with highly visible vertical, because vertical visually slimmer and pull silhouette.

How to hide extra weight

And some important tips.

1. You should not buy things with bright print. The main thing you should remember is the fact that the picture should be proportionate figure. You should avoid pictures scattered across the fabric and give preference to the patterns, which are intertwined or facing each other.

2. Wearing evening dress, do not forget about capes, shawls or shrug that you can throw over a sleeveless dress to hide the full hand.

3. Forget about loose and tight clothes. Clothing should emphasize the dignity of the figure, make a woman more feminine.

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