How to get into the club? How to pass face control?

In this article, you will learn how to get into the club one hundred percent. How to make your appearance appropriate for the club and go through «customs» quickly and easily.

How to get into the club? How to pass face control?

Face control

You have been dreaming to get into a glamorous party in the most famous club? What? You are sure that you will be able to pass face control? And furthermore, if you have had a very deplorable cases, when your friends were allowed to dance, and you were in tears near the entrance? Here you will read that you need to focus on what you first notice when entering the club staff that will finally allow you to get the coveted face control.

What to wear to get into the club?

If you think what to wear to the club office understated clothes as you just got out of work, you are sadly mistaken. The club is a place where people dance, have fun, drink, meet and flirt. The club is not an office, remember, not chat with friends in a café over a Cup of coffee, so don’t tell me you came to the club to drink tea. Therefore your clothing should be calling, so-so. Also your most expensive and finest clothes from leading clothing brands will also not help you to get there if you just do not Kathir according to the dress code.

Professionals face control give tips: if you have a desire to get into the best club in town, but you’re puzzling over what to put on there, but should not be lazy and go a couple of days before your hike back and look at what others put on there. Why is someone not allowed there, what’s wrong with them? Better to spend a few hours than to spoiled the evening and find a new set.

I advise you to make a choice on the dress

No, don’t think that we are talking about the dress to the floor. You’re not at the Queen’s reception gathered. You go to move your feet on the dance floor. Stop your choice on a short, but very spectacular dress which can distinguish you from the crowd. Such that highlight your strengths. Cuts, necklines, decor, different finishes, gloss. Here the main thing not to overdo. Girls who dress tacky or garish in a night clubs are simply not allowed.

About shoes and accessories

As in any way, the shoes is the main component to your outfit. Special attention should be paid on it. No one is asking you to buy the latest collection of Louboutin, but your shoes should be comfortable, look new and expensive. They just have to fit your dress. If your shoes will you reap it with a sour face you at your institution will not be allowed. You want to dance the night away even in high heels? Otherwise your fees and trying to get into the institution will be meaningless.

How to choose a handbag?

This, too, should be taken very seriously. The old trunk you there probably will not be allowed, and also to get into the club with a bag of large size will be very difficult. Fatal case. What is right for you? Of course, this stylish clutch! It is convenient, small in size. It will complement your look like nothing else.

Other accessories

They are also able to add you points to the passage in the cherished place of entertainment and leisure activities. They may be: good belt, fashionable glasses, some jewelry, gloves, hat, veil, and all that your heart desires. Most importantly – stick style.

How to put on makeup and what to do on the head?

In this paragraph we will talk about it. Your make-up and hairstyle can either take you there, or a door with bright light closed, and not opened. You are not forced to do sophisticated styling, fleece, sleep in curlers, it is often just washed and groomed flowing hair look a lot better than a ton of nail Polish or hairpins. The most important thing is to look festive and not gray so shy. All the same applies to makeup.

Do not make yourself a mask of Foundation, approach to something more natural. Just highlight the facial features correctly. Make your appearance more expressive. Remember that you need to highlight something: either eyes or lips. If you are going to the club, it’s best to try lips. Focus on them. If you do not know how to paint, you consult a specialist or simply bring the eye pencil or eyeliner permissible levels arrows, eyelashes dressed in mascara, and for lips, apply gloss or lipstick.

And remember the trick

To make it easier to get into a nightclub, you know that in the midst of a party when it’s overcrowded, pass the face control is much more difficult. Better go for the start of the party. Come to the venue half an hour before the party started. Behave friendly and open. Such people have more chances to get on the best dance floor.

Don’t have fun in just the right images!

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