How to find shoes to match dress?

How to choose the right shoes to the dress. The dress is the most feminine piece of clothing, even the beautiful dress you need to choose the right shoes. How to choose the right shoes to the dress? First, you need to focus on how you’re looking to create. If you want to create a daily ensemble, it is necessary to select appropriate shoes. Shoes for a formal ensemble should be fine. Then you should look at the style and cut of the dress.

Court shoes with heels more than five centimeters will fit the dress classic style to this dress you can choose the shoes without heels. Dresses sports style, fit shoes, which resemble ballet flats or sneakers.

Platform sandals, or sandals will go well with sundresses and light dresses that you wear every day. Remember that in this Shoe you will walk every day and so it is important that the shoes were comfortable.

For evening dresses with short skirt suit elegant high-heeled shoes. You’ll look in this dress sexy and unique. This dress will go well with sandals on a high heel.

The long gown fit low-heeled shoes and possibly even closed. Remember that shoes for your evening dress you need to pick up of fine material.

Next, explain how to choose the right shoes for different types of shapes.

Low girls should give preference to shoes with thin and high heel about eight inches. Don’t complicate your life greatly, of course, want to look taller, but if you prefer shoes with very high heels, there are fears that things could ruin your lame gait. If the shoes on very high heels, then shifts the center of gravity and body lean forward. It looks funny from the side. So do not overdo it!

Overweight girls who want your figure to visually lengthen you need to wear shoes with thicker heel height of about eight inches, because high heels will be disproportionate to your figure. And these shoes you just don’t fit. Girls who have full legs, under any circumstances, it is not recommended to wear open shoes much, and closed shoes is not always suitable. To pick shoes in the measure in front of the mirror a pair of shoes. After these fittings, you’ll know what kind of shoes would be nice. In profile, the leg should look longer. For this reason, do not buy shoes with a rounded nose, but rather confronted with a long. Also look for shoes with open front.

Very good-looking boots on the platform, the tight drumstick. This kind of midsole enhances the foot length and the ankle is well covered eggs. Your option is also a wedge. Now consider more carefully the heels. How to choose them correctly? Your image should be harmonious.

Shoes with sharp toe thin high heels is not suitable to clothes of thick material. This suggests that in the garment of heavy fabric suitable massive heel, high heels will go well with light delicate outfits. If you prefer shoes without heel, do not forget about the length of the garment. Pants should not be long, but its better suited to short patterns. Also skirts cannot be selected long bone. To such shoes will fit models short skirt or skirt whose length reaches the knee. Otherwise your outfit will look sloppy.

Looks fine shoes low heels with pants and skirts of different lengths. This outfit is a win-win. Not everyone fits the high-heel shoes. But girls these shoes very much. Although doctors do not recommend shoes with very high heels to wear every day, because high heel tends to deform the foot, which further causes various diseases of the feet. Besides, not everyone can get in such shoes the whole day. If you want to go to the office in these shoes, the best option would be to have «indoor shoes».

Thin and high heel corresponds to the clothes of a particular style. These shoes are more suited to wide long trousers or the shortened version of trousers. Skirt length must be to the line of the knee. This will make your image complete.

The color of the dress and shoes should be in harmony among themselves. Only black shoes is universal, it will fit to any color of dress. However, we must remember that the shoes of the black color visually shortens the legs, and shoes, which harmonizes with the tone of the dress, visually slimming the legs.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be much easier to choose the right shoes!

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