How to dress to the rink

Outside the window – winter, which means it’s time to think about winter entertainment.

There are a huge variety, depending on desires and preferences, ranging from extreme sledding with a steep mountain to ski on unbeaten paths, playing snowballs with the kids in the yard, to ice-skating.

Incidentally, the latter becoming an increasingly popular form of winter entertainment among not only residents of cities where the rinks are already commonplace, but also among the inhabitants of the provinces.

Skating has a beneficial effect on human health, and enriches it on the emotional plane, lifts the mood and gives a boost inexhaustible cheerfulness.

Dress correctly to the rink

Great value in this lesson is a garment that with proper selection will create comfort and convenience. How to dress to the rink, so it’s fun to give maximum benefit, and did not cause colds?

First of all, you need to think carefully about each item we put on skating clothes. It may consist of three layers, the first of which must contain a shirt made of cotton and the underwear, which, in the case of excessive sweating from the physical exertion, can well absorb sweat. The second layer is a shirt or blouse made of natural fabrics. The third layer is a wool sweater.

Since the jeans are not the best option for skiing, as the shackle movement on the rink are required to wear sports moderately loose pants, have insulation like fleece, and socks or leg warmers, knitted from wool.

How to dress to the rink

In the case of location of the rink under the open sky, you should wear clothes, which in any case should not be close and hamper your movements. Best is jacket, close to the body, has teplostantsii and protective properties.

Just in time, and be a hand knitted woolen hat, made of natural wool that covers the ears and protects from wind and frost. You should think about warm gloves or mittens. They take as much as two pairs: one acting, the other just in case. Since the loss of mittens – a fairly common occurrence on the ice, do not neglect this advice. They will always protect your hand not only from the cold, but will soften the blow on the ice in the event of drops.

Experts do not recommend skating to wear a long scarf since it may constrict movement and cause serious damage. And to protect the throat from the negative weather conditions, you should use a short scarf, wearing it under the jacket and align the ends, or sweater with a high collar.

Not less important role in the overall outfit plays the kind of shoes that for the rink should be selected so that wearing warm wool socks, leg it felt quite comfortable and conveniently. In addition, the shoes must perfectly keep heat. To test, choosing the right shoes, after the execution of the lacing of the skate Shoe in the heel area to stick your finger. If it comes loose, so the shoes fit correctly.

If a strong enough cold, boots should provide special pouches made of wool. You can buy them in the store or make myself.

If you go to the skating rink that is indoors, the hat and the top can wait for you in the locker room.

Further photos examples of clothing how to dress for ice skating in winter.

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