How to dress for the party?

What more to unite the working team than the joint celebration of such holidays as New year, March 8 or 23 of February?

We all know that a corporate party, camping, visiting cafes and bowling helps the team to know each other better, make friends, find common Hobbies. This in turn is beneficial to workflow.

On the eve of Christmas and New year, different organizations arrange a small drinking bouts and office parties.

If it’s not a big company, employees can get together before the holidays, in the office or in some institution and in a small circle to celebrate the holiday.

If the company is international, or just great, everything is much more serious. Employees are invited to an evening Banquet, a festive program with contests, etc. the concert is held in the restaurant, Banquet hall or club.

Now very popular themed parties. They may be in the style of «retro», «beach», «gangsta» etc.

But in any case, you need to look elegant and dignified.

How to dress for the party?

First, you need to comply with the corporate dress code (in most large companies it always is) and the rules of business etiquette. You should not look vulgar and vulgar, avoid transparent blouses, cheap jewelry and plunging neckline. Your clothes should be stylish and appropriate hairstyle, and make — up moderate.

Second, the dress should be fitted. You should not wear very short skirt or dress. Fit classic length to the knee. You can choose the trousers and a blouse or top.

Third, if it’s a theme party, be in the «theme». This way you will show respect to colleagues and management, and will not stand out from their background.

Consider a few tips on what to wear to the office party if he is:

1. In the office. To this party pick up anything fancy, don’t need to wear evening dress. Stop your choice on a cocktail dress, nice shirt, jacket, trousers or skirt. Pick a suitable purse and accessories. Shoes can be high heeled or without a heel. Do not wear a blouse or skirt, in which you go to work.

2. In nature. Will be appropriate jeans, sports suit, shoes, sneakers, etc. If the event takes place in the winter, it is appropriate to dress warmer, not to get sick and then not go to the hospital. Perfect warm sweater, pants, underwear, hat, scarf and jacket.

3. In the restaurant. For Banquet in the restaurant, please dress modestly and not provocatively, observing business reputation. Will look good sheath dress medium length with various appropriate decorations. It is appropriate to wear a jacket, Bolero jacket or short coat. Complement the image of the high-heeled shoes. Handbag in this case should be to match the accessories or shoes.

How to dress for the party?

4. In the night club. In this place you can dress up in bold. But do not forget that this is a party for workers, not a night out with the girls. Don’t overdo the length of the dress or skirt and neckline. Choose bright tops with large prints, paillettes or sequins blouse with various inserts, pants, pants or jeans. Shoes should be comfortable and comfortable. Accessories suitable large and bright. The focus to do better on the eyes, the hair can be loose.

How to dress for the party?

5. Business corporate. Of course, there are parties that need to look no worse than the award «Oscar». mostly they are held for executives and Directors of the company.

Here you need to think carefully about the outfit. It would be appropriate Maxi dress, flowing or elegant. Decorations have to be expensive. It can be made of gold, silver or other expensive jewelry, clutch and shoes matched in tone. Hair and makeup should be at the proper level.

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