How to dress for spring a woman over 50

Every woman, regardless of age, wants to look stylish and elegant. This is especially true in spring, when nature wakes up, everything is updated, I want to breathe fresh air, which hovers and freedom, youth and love. And women over fifty is even more necessary than twenty years.

Any woman it is very important to look younger than your age on the passport, it tends to be better than others to their peers. The most important thing in the pursuit of fashion and beauty not to look ridiculous and absurd. It is very important at this age is carefree to let go of youth and be willing to accept a noble maturity.

Christie Brinkley is 56 years old.

Supersupersuper 80 years, was married to Billy Joel.

Age fifty beautiful by the fact that the woman is still able to conquer and to break men’s hearts. And successfully makes it, but not in bright outdoor outfits, and her elegant image which has been created over the years and is able to demonstrate its unique taste.

Women in this wonderful age, you should choose clothes in classic style. Very good if her choice will stop on the elegant things with a subtle aura of sexuality. Because a woman should always remain a mystery. Colours are very important when choosing a spring wardrobe. To generate the image was bright and cheerful, mainly to choose the juicy and vibrant but muted shades.

Jennifer Tilly, actress – 51.

How to dress for spring a woman over 50? Below are practical recommendations.

How to choose dress?

Dress is a compulsory item of every woman’s closet, especially the ladies such a noble age. Dress should be moderately open, to have one accent and it is good to emphasize the figure of the hostess. It is very important to choose the right fabric for this dress — she must be of good quality and luxury. Therefore, opt is recommended on wool, suiting, or high-quality jacquard fabric, velvet.

Very unusual and elegant look the dress, which harmoniously combines the dense and thin fabric. It is thin fabric (chiffon, textured matte lace, guipure) seamlessly cover the area of the hands and neckline, making the dress feminine and sexy, but a woman — an icon of taste and style in the eyes of men. Burgundy, dark green, deep blue, chocolate, purple — exactly the colors that will give the dress noble chic.

How to choose a skirt?

The most versatile and never go out of fashion, is undoubtedly a conservative pencil skirt and romantic skirt. They are a great companion, a real lady, always manage to hide the flaws and most beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the female figure. The best colors for skirts will be grey, beige, maroon and the classic black.

That’s just skirts black color is better to choose rich fabrics, combining them with contrasting and bright top. Elegant ladies should not wear short skirts, but there is an opportunity to diversify the model of the original slits or slots. But at the same time, do not overdo it, because the image needs to remain elegant and harmonious.

How to choose an elegant blouse?

If you have the figure, you can pick up beautiful Golf, which can diversify with original tippet and decorate a beautiful brooch. Conservative, strict, classic cut shirt — an indispensable item in the spring wardrobe of fifty women, but it is advisable to dress them in the ensemble with well-fitting on the figure jacket.

Will also fit ladies knitted sweater, semifitted silhouette. They will be a great addition to a skirt or trousers, they are extremely comfortable, do not hinder movements and successfully hide all the flaws. It would be useful to have in your wardrobe a few elegant tunics. They are extremely stylish and trendy.

How to choose pants?

A woman over 50, just need to have in your wardrobe elegant pants to keep up with the times. Preference is given to classical models of medium width. Put aside the brightly decorated narrow and wide models — they will only accentuate what you want to hide. Choose those models that most will hide figure flaws and legs, and will go well with blouses, tops, sweaters. Color-favorites Trouser — black, blue, gray. Possible a dark purple color for the evening version of the outfit.

How to choose a jacket?

A very good decision when choosing a jacket will be the model, cut on the bias. The historical version of this jacket, capes meant no sleeves, but the current model most often performed with sleeves. This model will demonstrate the woman in the best light, skillfully hiding all the extra pounds and inches.

Petite women should choose a cropped silhouette with three quarter sleeves, a bit of volume.

But the tall women it is better to give preference to models of medium length with a slightly elongated sleeves or to complement a high gloves. This jacket will not soon go out of fashion, will not lose its relevance until the next spring season, giving your outfit a special glamor and solidity. Don’t be afraid to add more color and mood into your life. Your colors for clothing — Burgundy, blue, beige, emerald.

And yet, how to dress a lady of noble age, in order not to lose its appeal? Keep a balance between conservatism and sexiness strive to create elegant, individual style. Thanks to the harmonious way you will always be to inspire a strong half and passions of young women.

Below you will see beautiful women over 50:

Isabelle Adjani – 54.

Client of the Institute beauty YSL, regularly makes a facial massage, thalassotherapy enjoys.

Practicing separate meals, not eating sweets and drinking 1.5-2 litres of water a day.

Lena Ulin – 54.

Actress who does Pilates.

Beverly Johnson is 58.

The first black model to appear on the cover of American Vogue in 1974.

In the photo – with my daughter.

Beverly d’angelo is 58 years old.

Actress and singer who broke the hearts of many…

At the time, met with al Pacino, from which gave birth to the twins, aged almost 50 years.

Queen Noor of Jordan, is 59 years old.

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