How to dress for an interview

Going for an interview, we first begin to think how to start your own greeting, how to answer questions. But the impression you formed in the first seconds of your presence in the office of a possible future employer. You do not have time to speak, and first impressions and opinions have been formed and it is sometimes difficult to affect him, whatever talents you possessed.

As the saying goes: «Meet on clothes…» the survey of HR professionals, the appearance of 60% affect impression about you as an employee in General. Your first meeting with the employer is very important, because it is so you remember it. And the possibility to repeat it again you will never be.

The interview is a formal event and dress should be business style, the overall view needs to be neat, you need to match your surrounding environment. When applying for a job, you become the assistant to the employer, you his face, and then, from your appearance depends on the credibility of the company as a whole.

You should have information about established in the company rules and then you’ll be able to choose the appropriate attire. In many organizations, there is a corporate etiquette and the dress code, it is also due.

Imagine, for a position in the Department office there are three candidates.

The first in a short skirt, blouse with a deep neckline and chunky gold accessories.

The second candidate, came in jeans, sport jacket and shoes.

Third, in a strict grey suit, white blouse and knee length skirt in elegant black boats on a small heel. One of them three more chances to get the desired position? So, choosing clothes, it is important to understand the suitability of your attire to this place and situation.

Basic rules when choosing clothes to the interview

1. Simple, elegant suit or skirt length below the knee, classic black, neutral brown, gray or beige.

2. A classic shirt or silk blouse, with no neck or neckline. Ideally a white or other light colors — champagne or beige.

3. Pay special attention to the hair since they frame your face. Hair should be fresh, it is better to collect them in a neat chignon or a low ponytail. Short hair neatly stow.

4. Makeup should be present, but not to attract attention. The important thing when creating a makeup naturalness, neatness, and elegance.

5. Clothing and makeup should be chosen with taste and simplicity, do not overload the clothes with accessories.

6. Your hands should be perfect. Nails medium length nail Polish with neutral and pastel colours, not a bad version of the French manicure.

7. Stockings and tights, in the summer time prefer tights 5-8 den.

8. Watch your shoes, it must be clean with closed toe and heel medium heel. Classic black pumps are ideal.

9. Use accessories. Fine chain, small neat earrings and a small ring, you should not draw attention to their jewelry.

10. Bag classic, black or brown, medium in size, but not more than A4.

11. And a drop of perfume to complete the look. Prefer gentle unobtrusive scent.

12. Your image as a whole should not be very bright, it should not be used more than three colors. The most suitable colors, black, gray, brown, blue, garnet, dark green, dark chocolate, beige.

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