How to dress a woman in 30 years?

Every woman with the advent of the age of 30 begins to rethink his life, and enters into a new stage. If you look, in 30 years comes the blossoming of womanhood, which replaces the teenage maximalism.

In this regard, the question arises: how to dress a woman in 30 years? In principle, there are no restrictions, but at the same time, if you are reading this article, then you are faced with certain problems associated with the selection of items for your wardrobe. Most critics of fashion believe that for thirty years the figure of a woman becomes more rounded.

Hide your figure flaws and effectively emphasize its advantages will help you suits-two. The ensemble, consisting of simply skirt and original jacket will help you make the feminine silhouette and at the same time restrained. Also as a basis can be chosen strict shirt or a light shirt depending on the dress code and mood.

Such a costume need to complement a pair of high heels. Will also give you some tips:

1. If you are the owner of a rather sloping shoulders, then you should pay attention to the blazers with padded shoulders and with a corresponding cut. This condition can keep your body symmetrical.

2. In that case, if you have square shoulders, you pick up the blazers with a smoothing lines and asymmetry.

3. Short outwear mandatory complete long speech: easy top or blouse.

4. Look quite good long jackets combined with slim trousers skinny.

5. In that case, if you are the owner of wide hips, when you choose, pay attention to straight skirts-pencils.

6. Add volume to narrow hips will help the cut of the skirt a Tulip.

Thirty stylists suggest women to use various light dresses that are universally recognized symbol of beauty and femininity. At the same time, in no case do not overdo it with the decor and needs effectively with a small strap to highlight your own waist.

For anybody not a secret that absolute majority of thirty Hollywood celebrities as everyday clothing choose tops and jeans. Such clothing are quite practical. And to complete the image of this kit will require the addition of short or long jacket and a pair of shoes-the ballet shoes.

Do not also ignore the a variety of cardigans and blazers and long shirts. Such items of clothing must be present in the wardrobe of every 30-year-old beauty.

As the desired color scheme try to choose a noble color. At the same time, you can calmly use and fabric prints. The only thing worth considering is grace’s own silhouette. Keep in mind that in recent years very popular so-called Greek profile.

Blouses and dresses in the Greek style can effectively highlight your own chest. And in that case, if you find this style attractive, then you can take it on Board. Do not forget about various accessories: hats, handbags, etc

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