How to disinfect shoes

How to disinfect shoes

In the process of implementation of complex measures and after treatment of the infection should be clarified to himself than to disinfect shoes, on the walls where you could stay the spores of microorganisms. Shoe – garment, with which the microbes encounter for a long time.

Instructions for cleaning shoes

1.For disinfection the product should be dried well, which requires removing the insoles, remove the laces and open up all kinds of fasteners.

2. Then you need to impregnate the cotton with a solution of acetic acid (formalin), and gently processing it elongated insole (both sides) and the inner wall of the product by grabbing the seams and joints.

3. Pieces of cotton wool soaked in the same medium, you need to put in the toes of the product and pack it together with the insoles in the package made of polyethylene. A tightly tied package to put on the day.

4. After 24 hours, remove from the package the product to air until complete disappearance of the pungent smell. For odor removal we recommend treating the product with ammonia.

The drawback of this method is processing the product can cause damage to the material, and after processing remains an unpleasant odor. So, to handle such precious items it is advisable to use other methods of disinfection.

To preserve the health of nails and destruction of pathogenic bacteria it is advisable to regularly disinfect the whole Shoe. Spores cannot reproduce and cause illness.

Methods of disinfection of infected shoes

Than the disinfect shoes at home? People suffering from excessive sweating feet, it is recommended to treat the inner surface disinfectants and special deodorants. Undesirable smell eliminated with a few crystals of potassium permanganate dissolved in a liter of water.

When fungal disease is an important requirement of personal hygiene is disinfection products. Periodic execution of the procedure will protect all family members from infection and prevent transfer of infection to healthy fingers.

Because fungal spores are killed only at 100 heat, heat treatment products, excluded, and apply once in 10 days treatment of specific sprays or antiseptic agents.

To avoid things any harm, you can handle it with the help of a special device with UV light designed to dry and disinfect products. UV light fights with fungus and other pathogens.

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