How to choose the color of the clothes?

How to choose the color of the clothes?

Every woman has a favorite color, and sometimes not even one. Often we wear clothing sets that have only one primary color, at least two. It does not adds color to our daily lives. By preference to the color of the clothes you can judge a person’s character and his attitude to the positive. In order to learn about the person more, you need to understand what colors he prefers in clothes, because each has its own value. It would be good to figure out which color is more suitable to you. This will enable correct combining with other colors and shades.

We will help you to make the right choice of clothes suitable for you color.

Looks perfect combination of yellow and dark blue colors. Alternatively, you can purchase a yellow shirt and pants of dark blue color. Will look great with blue skirt, in addition to the yellow blouse or top. Well friends with yellow even black and gray. Look at the yellow dresses for their wardrobe. Even the yellow scarf or the pattern on the sweater will freshen you up the gray weekdays.

Do not forget about the delicate pink color in a woman’s wardrobe. He’s great for dresses, blouses or shawls. Even men in minimal quantities can experiment with pink. Let the shirt or tie your husband will have pink stripes. It would be appropriate in a less formal setting.

Choosing the clothes is orange, do not forget about the shade of their skin. If the leather matches perfectly with the orange shade, you’ll be irresistible. Love the orange color combination with cardinal black or gray. A good combination of orange and dark blue. Rejuvenate the woman is capable of this kind of orange color, like a peach. Will cool and refresh man orange accents on the tie or shirt.

The most vivid and strong colours in clothing can be attributed to the color red and its variants. A symbol of power is considered a red tie. Red does not like everyday. Periodically wear red dresses or blouses red color.

Do not be redundant a few words about the cherry color. There is some lyricism in a combination of gray and cherry. For men can choose a tie in cherry tones with black, gray, or brown shirt.

Purple has many shades. Look great purple or violet blouses, dresses or dress sets. Men should beware of excessive use of purple. Quite a small pattern on the tie or shirt.

Business meetings shown in green color in clothes. This rule primarily applies to representatives of the stronger sex. Rare business suit is complete without a green tie or green elements on it. The faces of the beautiful half of humanity should limit the use of green. A little light green may not be damaged.

Blue became one of the most popular colors in the wardrobe of both men and women. Do not select very bright blue, then you will be brilliant. It is better to stop on a medium blue hue when choosing clothes.

Perfect for holiday, of course, white. Always a white shirt or blouse, complete with trousers or skirts dark colors, symbolized the occasion. For summer just need to purchase a suit of white. Looks great with white shoes on men. However, it will not be appropriate at business meetings or negotiations, as well as white bags and belts.

Brown shades are indispensable in the autumn days. It is important to know your skin tone when choosing brown clothes.

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