How to choose summer shoes

How to choose summer shoes

How to choose summer shoes, as for different weather conditions and situations need certain products?

It seems that in warmer weather, to wear any shoes except sandals, it is impossible, however, there are times when such footwear is inappropriate even in the heat. Clearly, the feet in products for the summer should be easy and convenient. To ensure that the product has long served to the owner after each wear must be dry and, consequently, to change to a different pair of shoes.

Selection of shoes for the summer, depending on the situation

1.When selecting summer shoes to walk around the city must rely on the beauty, comfort and reliability. It is not recommended to use flip flops, sandals and other products at rubber sole.

2. For office, you can choose not only business shoes, but sandals medium heel closed. According to the stylists, if the legs need to lengthen the, buy product beige. Remember that tights and sandals are two completely incompatible article of clothing.

3. Most suitable products for beach flip flops, flip-flops and products, convenient when driving on sand. For a walk near the beach area, you can choose sandals and sandals unadorned.

4. Products for festive events must be exquisite and elegant. The ideal – heel shoes.

Selection of shoes for the summer, based on the characteristics of the feet

Some of the girls, hiding the features of his body under winter clothing, do not rejoice in the arrival of the heat. How to choose summer shoes with some flaws?

The owners of skinny legs is not recommended to wear fashionable today, wedgies and platform, as they visually enlarge them. A variety of sandals and flip-flops on the magical heels will look great on the female foot.

If your toes are ugly shape or other external defects, you need to find an openwork or perforated sandals with closed toe.

To owners of thick ankles it is advisable to choose summer jewelry on a wedge or heel with straps and solid elements. Flat sole visually increase the leg. Fit and abundantly embellished sandals with uppers covering the ankle.

To hide the speakers at the base of the fingers joints, use of the product closed in the problem area. For example, sandals with a huge number of thin straps.

Pick up summer items is not easy, but following the recommendations of the experts and stylists, it is much easier to cope with various disorders.

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