How to choose shoes for a party

Each season is rich for the holidays, and that means lots of parties or just go out. Of course, you need to look at the highest level. That outfit was beautiful, and the way fully, you have the right approach to the selection of evening shoes. Requirements for the selection of shoes for the evening dress is different from selecting a pair to casual wear.

Shoes for a holiday outfit shouldn’t just sit well on the foot — the shoes should be part of the image and create a single unit with other elements of the outfit, whether a dress for a wedding or party.

How to choose shoes for a party

The choice of model of shoes

Choosing a dress or other clothing, consider what style of shoes will look with your attire. In 2017 it is very fashionable to wear sandals with different embellishments – beads, crystals, chains. If you’ve decided to choose sandals, remember that their finish needs to be rich.

But for shoes this option is unlikely to fit. When choosing shoes, ornaments and jewelry should be moderate. Otherwise, the shoes will look mixed and spoil the whole image. Like embellished shoes can choose shoes with rhinestones, metal buttons or inserts. Will look beautiful leopard print shoes, print, Zebra or other ornaments. However, such prints should be careful, as they are not always successfully combined with other drawings.

The choice of color is also important

Girls have long used a rule that the color of shoes and handbags must either be identical, or as combined with each other. However, in 2017, trendy is the combination of color Shoe with accessories – earrings, bracelets and so on.

Model series of shoes 2017 years represent a tremendous range of colors, finishes and shapes of shoes. But that is the only choice in favor of the heel.

This item is for evening attire most important. Shoes with stiletto and flattering shape, makes it visually slimmer, and the silhouette straightened. In addition, the high heel looks very sexy.

How to choose shoes for a party

However, some lady heels are not suitable, for example, those who have and without high growth. Someone just loves these shoes and finds it uncomfortable. In this case, you can choose shoes on the platform. The platform can also be high, and it is more comfortable than a heel.

How to choose shoes for a party

How to choose the right shoes for the evening

Despite all the fashion trends first and foremost, shoes must be comfortable, as you’ll have plenty of time to spend standing or walking. And when it comes to dance, it is unlikely that you will be pleased all night to sit on the couch.

When choosing shoes, first make sure the Shoe is comfortable for you. Pay attention to the material from which made shoes. Of course, it is recommended to choose shoes from natural materials – leather, velour, suede or nubuck.

Pay special attention to the shape of the Shoe. For example, do not give the choice of shoes with the thin toe if you have wide feet. In such shoes would be extremely uncomfortable.

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