How to choose jeans

Nowadays one of the most popular things have become jeans, that is why in the wardrobe of every man there is this thing regardless of gender and age. What is this thing, without which, at present, it is impossible to do. If you are going just to walk or to College, at a party or something most people choose jeans.

Jeans fit and love to all the people of different strata and age groups. The most important thing is to choose the model that you select from the crowd, and will fit fashion. Our article on how to choose the right jeans for you, but first let’s talk a little about the origin of jeans.

In 1850, one of the immigrants of Bavaria, named Levi Strauss decided to make tough, the tough fabric pants for miners. The fabric was quite durable canvas with her long time did coverage for vans. In those distant time in California began to spread a disease called gold rush, and many were reluctant to purchase equipment. These pants were made in Genova with a dense canvas fabric blue color called «wife fustian». From here came the name of the collections appear – «pants of Genoese fabric».

After some time, jeans began to be made from French fabric from Nimes, which gave the name «denim». The gold rush eventually ended, but things imbued many came to taste, although many have not been miners and didn’t suffer from heavy physical exertion. So jeans appeared on the market.

Nowadays jeans are worn on various parties or just to go on nature. Famous fashion designers come up with and represent a new model of «everlasting garment.»

How did make the right choice and what is fashionable now? Let’s start with the fact that jeans come in different styles, they can be classic or quite similar to the classics.

If you want to wear jeans every day, that is constantly, it is best to choose the standard dark blue: mid-rise, straight-leg pants, the material does not stretch. This weight can be combined with sneakers or a bright jacket.

If you need jeans for trips to the club, you should choose a nipped in low-slung jeans that emphasized all the advantages of your figure.

If you have short legs and you upper part of your body is quite wide, you simply can not buy jeans with pockets.

The pockets will be to focus on what you want to hide, low to the ground to form a «skin rollers», and if they are narrowed, you’ll be like a vase for fruits. In this case, you need to buy a product with mid-rise, without any drawings, belt, and jeans should also have a flare from the knee. This is something that you just need.

Fabric colour should be blue or black, but it should not be very thin. In no case do not buy corduroy because it will have to expand even more.

The most important that the bottom of the pants look proportional with the width of your hips. Girls don’t tall it is advisable to wear skinny jeans in combination with a small heel. If you, on the contrary, girl is tall, then you are better to buy jeans with low waist and a boxy fit. If you have thin hips and small buttocks, buy flare jeans high or low waist.

The most important thing that you should remember is that when buying jeans you have to pay at your reflection in the mirror. If you like it and look slim, then this option suits you the most. Hundred for the jeans you need to buy the ones that sit tight on you better for some time to suffer, because jeans tend to stretch.

The size of your things very easy to identify: Size: width designated by the letter W — the first digit on the label, and the length L of the second figure. Never think that if the jeans length, it’s okay, they can shorten, you know, you can always exchange within 14 days, you will return the money spent, which corresponds to the law on protection of consumer rights. The basic requirements for product take-back are: the presence of a cash receipt, save the presentation and preservation of all labels and ethics.

I hope that this article will help you in choosing the right things, which is now so popular.

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