How to choose bodycon dress?

Dress is an indispensable thing for centuries, and if it perfectly fits the shape, then the owner of this dress always looks it perfectly.

Bodycon dress has many advantages:

— it can emphasize the dignity of the female body, while causing the admiring glances of a great number of men,

— it is universal

— will always be current, stylish and trendy.

This type of clothing can be worn anytime and for any activities like a walk with a loved one, a business meeting or just for a cultural event. In it you will look elegant, feminine and very sexy. All women have different body type, someone who is very thin, someone the opposite of plump-but, under any scenario, you can always choose a dress that will hide all your flaws and emphasize your dignity.

How to choose bodycon dress?

Choose the dress according to your figure

The type of figure «pear» (narrow shoulders and very wide hips)

What needs to be highlighted:

— the cutout created in the form of the letter V or halter neckline, thick straps very dress will also give the opportunity to level the top and bottom.

— on corset that will look great at any party

— dress light top and dark bottom

— the dropped waist dress, which can make her accent

— soft and light fabric

No need to buy a dress with thin straps and a cutout in the shape of a semicircle, dresses with high waist, different cross patterns and lines, positioned on the thighs

Type — hourglass (narrow waist, the same parameters of thighs and Breasts)

Type Fig hourglass (when a very narrow waist and hips and chest are the same)

— tight dress with a skirt year, and dress with different belts

— on a dress without straps, and with more cleavage

— for a short dress if you have very thin legs

— on elastic and knit fabric

In any case, no need to buy a dress with a large pattern, but also stripes, horizontal geometric pattern and a cutout in the shape of boats (this is assuming if you have small Breasts)

Type-the Apple (when bust, hips and waist are the same and a smooth line)

— dress with a slashed neckline

— sheath dresses, with no sleeves, and dresses with corset

— dresses with high waist and belt

— on the bright dresses of the same color

— at the pieces that catch your eye

— linen, correcting your figure

You have to buy dresses made of thin fabric with a large pattern

The type of shape called a «rectangle» (all parameters are the waist, hips and chest are the same)

To be sure, you should pay attention:

— different necklines (scoop, square and so on), with ruffles or other details

— a very tough tissue

— dresses with big and bright pictures

— dresses with different draping

Should not buy dresses with round cutouts created from a very stretchy fabric, the dress small spaghetti straps, and should not be too hard to draw Tali with the belt.

Type of shape «triangle» (when shoulders much wider than hips). You should pay particular attention to:

— on a plunging V-shaped, oval and heart-shaped and halter neckline

— on sleeve called Raglan

— on dresses that have a horizontal stripe

— on the dress where the dark bottom and light top

dress with low waist and knee-length and dress with a high neckline

then, what is it made of fabric, special attention should be paid to the hard fabric: wool, thick silk and hard cotton

You do not need to choose dresses with short sleeves, a wide collar and neck, which is called «boat», and in the chest of the dress, cut from soft and thin fabrics.

You need to choose the dress length

When choosing the dress you need to consider your height. If you are tall and still and you have a great figure, then you need to buy a beautiful long dress with completely bare back or a very large cut. Long dress is sure to combine with high heels.

Short dresses should be purchased by girls of average height — they can be worn not only with long heels, but also shoes with wedge heels or ballet flats.

For girls, with a slight increase need to purchase a little above the knees, but the shoes must be high heel, because the heel will visually pull and make the silhouette very slim.

You should choose color

Playing a very important role and color of the dress. During the selection you need to take into account the hair color, the parameters of the figure, eye color and so on.

For blondes with light skin and light eyes, a great option will be the dress soft and gentle tones.

Tanned blondes need to buy bright and very showy dresses.

Blondes with «cold» hair color needs to buy dresses in pastel shades, or bright red.

«Warm» blondes have hair color gold honey champagne you have to buy a dress only bright shades.

Almost all blondes perfect pink color.


Brunette whose pale skin, dark eyes, should select dresses with delicate hues such as pale yellow, cream.

For brunettes with dark skin or tan with green, brown or grey colors eyes are worth buying the dress is yellow, bright green, chocolate and black.

All brunettes can purchase the dress red, the only shade we should choose for the skin tone.

Brown-haired women:

For haired women with dark hair and light skin, is an excellent option dress yellow, orange, purple, and to shock others, it is necessary to combine the black and red color. Will look great in any of these shade gowns.

The brown hair with chocolate hair will look excellent pink, white and red dress. Girls with darker skin should focus on a Golden, brown color and blue color.

Brunette with brown eyes, a great option would be brown and orange, green eyes, fit dress lilac, purple, green-eyed girls will suit gold and silver clothing, and to girls with blue eyes — bronze, blue.

All the girls fit white and black color.

Optional accessories

Fashion is always present layering. To match fashion then you can wear a blazer, jacket or cardigan. Additional things your way will not deteriorate, it will just be a little more interesting. In order to attract attention, the top dresses you can wear a transparent blouse, if the dress is short (but we are not vulgar girls), then you can easily wear pants, and your dress will quickly become a tunic.

Use shapewear, which sroyut tummy, the pleats on the sides and back, make a firm butt and slightly narrow hips.

The dress is a small additional strap or a wide belt.

If you prefer to focus on the chest and to hide his small stature, then you need to wear large earrings or a necklace.

Shoes and bag are also necessary to decorate your dress. And we need to pick up, given the color and length dresses.

Consequently, almost any girl can easily wear a tight dressif its correct to choose. If all the same dress does not suit you, and also focuses on the shortcomings of your figure, it is not necessary to wear it, choose something else, because you should feel confident, comfortable and beautiful.

Below in the photo gallery you will find beautiful tight dresses :

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