How to choose a sweater?

In such a harsh climate as in our country, in your wardrobe must be things like a sweater, cardigan or a warm turtleneck. In winter time these things are the most popular. Well, a wide selection of entire collections in the shops will not leave anyone without this warm clothing. These sometimes soft and warm things perfect not only during winter but and summer when the evenings cool breeze and you are out of town, relax in the woods or watching the sunset over the sea.

How to choose a sweater?

What style sweater offers us fashion this year? Jerseys materials no matter What fashionable sweaters are a leader are cashmere sweaters. But this type of clothing is divided into soft and lightweight model and the dense model. Soft and even fluffy clothes of the cashmere are due to the yarn, which consists of two strands. This type of yarn is well suited as cashmere sweaters and dresses, vests and shawls.

Be careful with the cashmere in the wash. Be sure to wash these things by hand, use a mild washing agent. One should not abuse the washings, cashmere items can be washed after they were worn at least seven times. In order to avoid all sorts of nuances and you can wear warm clothing more practical sweater is made from cashmere together with wool. These things are also soft, but more dense and durable, allowing for longer to keep in shape without stretching the garment.

It is also often used as the material for the sweater coat that can be of several types:

1. Merino wool is made from wool of fine-wool sheep of the Merino breed. This wool has the same soft properties as cashmere, but remains durable for a long time.

2. Soft wool called Alpaca, which also has strength.

3. Normal sheep wool is used quite often, as it is soft and pleasant to the touch.

4. Wool sheep are a special breed. Scottish sheep have coarse wool.

5. Mohair is one of the most warm and durable types of wool. Sweaters can also be cotton. Things of this material can be worn in all time seasons. This sweater is soft and pleasant, and requires little maintenance. However, it is worth remembering that in severe cold weather, this sweater will not save you, so the priority will be a wool sweater.

It was listed natural materials, but there are also man-made, as polyamide, polyester, etc. In order to save these sweaters can be found everywhere in stores. You can stop your choice on the sweater made of plastic material, since such a thing will last a long time and has elasticity. However, this thing will not give you the necessary warmth, especially in winter.

What are sweaters?

Let’s call a sweater a large part of the knitted wear to be properly understood.

— Yes, almost all fit sweater with a V-neck V-shaped.

For example, a sweater with cutout letter U will not suit everyone, as it visually increases the volume of the upper body above the waist. So it is best suited to the skinny girls.

— Cardigans.

Cardigan, as the essential thing any one of you, as it is suitable for all occasions. And, best of all, if there will be a few different color and style to fit any of your clothes. Is to

How to choose a sweater?

3. Cardigan to complete your look and give you different style. But pick this thing for your figure. Due to the variety of cardigans, you can experiment with your image. Offer several examples of how to transform, using a cardigan.

How can you wear a cardigan?

1) the Cardigan can always be belted with a belt at the waist, at the hips. Cardigans can go with a single button closure or no closure. In the latter case is perfect knotted at the hips with a scarf.

2) you Can not zip up cardigan, if you wear it under a shirt or blouse bright colors or decorated with a pattern or ruffles. This will attract attention to your chest area.

3) If the cardigan goes without zipper, you can use a massive attractive brooch. Or just a small brooch to decorate the top any cardigan.

4) the Fitted cardigans is perfect for a feminine look with a skirt. In this way you will be the 50s. And this cardigan in combination with a pencil skirt will make you sexy.

5) Classic black cardigan can be decorated, wearing a turtleneck over a bright or light color. This set, in principle, should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

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Also don’t forget the sweater dress.

Many people wonder how to wear it. Best under it fit tights, but you can do without them. If a long sweater is plain, then tights can be chosen according to color. This sweater can be decorated with belt. Sexuality for this type of clothes will add heels. That is, under sweater – dress, wear shoes with high heels. And, of course, remember, whatever you wear, don’t forget the underwear!

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