How to choose a fur coat from fur of the beaver

Coats made of animal fur such as beaver, are considered the most warm and durable. This fur can quite easily withstand extreme cold, as it has a thick undercoat, consists of fluff. Also the fur is not afraid of moisture, and this is very valuable for coats. Moreover, such properties can not boast of any one other fur General. By the way, under the influence of wet snow Bobrov’s coat is getting fluffier. The duration of the socks of the fur of the beaver is much more than even the mink fur.

Most companies that manufacture coats of various furs, used beaver skins brought from Canada. The fur of the animals is from the middle and Northern latitudes of the country is considered to be the best of all. Coat, made from canadian beaver, combines not only beauty but also convenience and practicality.

Thanks to new technologies beaver fur coats are light, beautiful and have excellent insulation. If you buy it for the frosty and cold winter, it will be a real salvation. The more beaver fur coats have quite a low cost compared to more expensive samples of fur from valuable furs.

To work with the skin a beaver pretty hard and most exclusive is the coat made of fur plucked beaver. Technology of production of such coats is quite time-consuming, and therefore their value increases several times. But this coat is very light and has virtually no weight. Used to sew the fur pelts of the little beavers. Shades select each skin, the colors were identical. In some cases, tailoring of this coat may take even a year.

Now manufacturers offer a huge selection of beaver fur coats, so buy it is not difficult. The style of coat should choose, relying on their own preferences and the looks of the woman.

In places of sale of fur coats to see a beaver fur coat quite easily. In appearance it differs considerably from the rest of the range, and look both elegant and chic.

How to choose a fur coat from fur of the beaver

That coat was quality, you should pay attention to such nuances.

1. To buy for your fur to be in the salons or shop specializing in providing such services. And it is advisable to choose an organization that has been working in this market and proved themselves on the positive side. Then the store will even issued a warranty card for fur, the validity of which is year.

2. The appearance also possible to determine the quality of the fur. He should have a bright color, luster. Should not slide, and the undercoat should be thick and uniform. The inside of the skin should be light in color and soft. When holding your hand against the hair growth, the hairs should not crumble or break. If the skins are crafted of high quality, after compression of the fur it needs to return to its original position, and in any case not to stick together.

3. The coat needs to be shaken and to watch and to listen. Poor quality product, this procedure will produce a cracking sound.

4. Nowhere on the product should not be the slightest hairline, even if this place is not visible from the outside. Therefore we must carefully examine the entire coat before purchase. All pelts should be sewn so that the direction of the NAP has always been in one direction only.

5. In the absence of the seller, you can try check coat in this way. Grab a small bunch of hair and sharply pull out. If the fur is not showered and does not remain in the fingers so the product is very high quality.

6. Must be checked and the quality tailoring of the coats. It is necessary to examine its inner side. Through the lining, you should test the seams that must be smooth. If they are large and convex, it is not necessary to take a coat. If the coat is made by adhesive technologies, then in General, seams should not be. It is also necessary to check the strength of the sewed hangers to withstand the weight of coats.

7. It is also necessary to examine the labeling of fur coats. If produced her well-known firm, in addition to the label on the back of the coat need to have the other decals.

8. It is worth remembering that a quality item will not cost too cheap. Therefore, even at a discounted coat may not be a huge discount.

9. When you purchase a fur you need to read the instructions for its use, and care for her. In the absence of instructions is not worth buying in this place coat, as is likely, it is not certified, and therefore will not be long to perform their duties.

How to properly care for fur products.

After a winter coat needs to be put in storage, but first it should be dry-cleaned and then thoroughly dried. Best way to store coats is a special fur refrigerator, which provides all the necessary parameters such as humidity and temperature. And houses store the coats in a case, hung in a tightly closed Cabinet. Heaters should be at least three feet from this rack. The tool against the formation of moles need to be changed regularly, and the coat aired.

Hanger should match the size of the coats and have broad shoulders. Furs should be stored separately. For example painted the fur cannot be stored together with unpainted. so when wearing fur in some places, wiped, then you must follow this and try less contact with these places coats.

If the coat becomes wet, the drying should be carried out only in the supine position. First you have to shake it and then lay on a flat surface. Heating appliances must not be nearby. When the fur is dry, it should be carefully brushed in the direction of growth.

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