How to choose a dress

Every woman regardless of status and position in society needs to look good. In order to do feminine enough to have in her wardrobe at least one dress. The best solution is to opt for a little black dress. It can be worn in the office, in a restaurant, and even a walk around the city. However, the figures all women are different. Slim fit one dress, but a woman with full hips this model is absolutely ugly.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips and help to solve the question of how to choose a dress. But do not forget about the character and temperament that also influence the choice of dresses for each of us.

The dress under the chest

Make the right choice of your ideal dress will help you following tips.

First, you must define type of your figure. Knowing your body type, you effortlessly will be able to replenish your wardrobe and avoid buying dresses that will remain hanging in your closet, never dressed.


There are several body types:

1. The type of shape pear. The winner of this fit have small Breasts, round ass, narrow waist, wide hips, wide shoulders. Women of this physique, it is recommended to choose dresses with an accent. This is necessary in order to increase upper body — shoulders. You will fit dress with an oversized collar, dropped shoulders, square neck. Dresses with an open neckline is perfect for women with type figure «pear».

2. My body type is hourglass. These women’s shoulders and hips are the same width, ample bosom, narrow waist. Owners of this type of shape wear top with V-neck. Dress with wrap and sheath dresses will appear in your wardrobe. The wide waistband on the dress are in fashion this season, will perfectly hide all the flaws of your figure.

3. The type of shape — a triangle. Woman has narrow hips, a flat butt and broad shoulders. Women with this figure type perfectly flat dresses having V-neck or scoop neckline, and dresses with a dropped waist or a strapless gown.

4. The type of shape — a rectangle. The figure resembles the male. Waist is badly expressed, butt flat, and your shoulders and hips are the same width. Replenish your wardrobe dresses with high waist, circular skirt. The perfect solution will be the corsets and dresses with V-neck.

5. Type shapes — Apple. In women with this type of figure, ample Breasts and stands out the stomach. Your choice — dress with high waist and V-neck, with the help of such things you will distract the attention from the stomach and pay attention to your curvy shape of the breast. You can also wear dresses cut on the bias.

How to choose a dress

All these tips will help you to choose dresses suitable for your type of figure. However, the choice of clothing depends not only on your physique, skin color and eyes also play an important role.

For example, women belonging to spring type, with eyes of blue, gray and green and blond hair or light red. You will fit dress tender and bright shades of blue, lilac, beige, pink or light green.

Suede dress

Women summer type white slightly pinkish skin and blue-gray, gray-green eyes or light brown eyes, and a bright white, ash, light brown hair, perfect grey, blue, blue, lilac.

Autumn skin and eye features girls with a dark, pale skin, dark eyes and dark hair. Your choice things of red, brown, olive and orange hues.

Women and girls winter usually have pink or white-pink skin, dark hair and dark eyes. If your type of winter, we will stay on the clothing of black, white, blue and purple shades.

Determine the type of shape and type of appearance, it’s time to go shopping. But do not forget that a dress can completely change, brighten and visually increase its value several times, using only the appropriate accessories. Choosing the right shoes, handbag, jewelry, belts, scarves — all this will make your look unique and unique. The situation is often the reverse, a wrong accessory can ruin your entire appearance.

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