How to choose a blouse?

Every woman’s wardrobe – be it a young student, a business woman or a socialite cannot be considered complete without this garment. We will focus on blouses – strict office, elegant, carefree… Blouses may not be much, they are appropriate in almost all circumstances, however, choosing the right style – not an easy task.

There are no universal styles, which would go to all women, without exception, with any type of figure. But knowing what are the advantages of Assembly would like to emphasize and which to conceal, easier to make the cut or color.

Girls with type figure «pear» — narrow shoulders and plump thighs – fit fitted short jackets for women. The classic figure of an Indian dancer, which is also called «hourglass»: lush Breasts, a thin waist, rounded hips – good in blouses almost any model. Lush female figure type «Apple» looks better in the shirt with the original neckline, and wide shoulders look more narrow in the blouson with loose sleeve.

With color or pattern blouses, too, all is not so simple. A crucial role in the selection can play a shade of hair, you should focus on the skin tone. Light-skinned girls are rarely dark colors, and if the skin is very pale, «not to face» will be green color palette.

It is well known that transverse stripes on the fabric are fattening, and ladies with outstanding forms is to avoid them. The vertical strip has the opposite effect – and is therefore entitled to occupy a place in their wardrobe.

If fascinated in the store blouse immediately, as they say, «the village» on the figure, do not rush to pay the purchase – first you need to verify the quality of material and tailoring. Not too much to look inside – all seams are straight, not sticking out where the bone as evidence of negligence of the manufacturer.

And for the imprint a few pictures of beautiful blouses:

How to choose a blouse?

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