How to bring cat Shoe smell

How to bring cat Shoe smell

To bring out the smell of cat shoes, you need to find a tool that destroys the urine crystals. When using different solutions with shoes, only urea and the crystals the urine do not dissolve in the liquid, to remove the usual solution is impossible. The smell at first interrupted by different odorous detergents, however, when moisture is a problem «incense» is resumed.

Special tools used for the output of shoes of cat smell

To display this specific smell an urgent need to buy a special spray or liquid. Fabrics can be gently washed in a detergent which will contains glycerin. This tool perfectly splits the ill-fated urine crystals. The product you can gently wash the soap dissolved in water. After this procedure, you must treat the surface with pure glycerin or a liquid that contains alcohol (depending on material).

Leather shoes should be treated with hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate solution or iodine. Then the shoes should be thoroughly dried in the open air. In order not to harm the material, it is not recommended to use the above tools to clean patent shoes and textiles.

The shoes inside should be wiped with a vinegar solution or lemon juice (1:3), and the old tracks need to mix a stronger vinegar solution (1:2). Bring the smell of cat footwear need, this means treating the problem area. Then on top you need to fill with baking soda and RUB with a cloth. After drying, the surface of the remnants of baking soda can be swept away with a dry cloth. In addition, the sharp smell of vinegar will discourage your pet to misbehave.

Advice to owners of cats to eliminate odor shoes

1.Cleaning should be fresh labels, as a means effective only prior to drying urine.

2. It is not recommended to use products that contain chlorine, which can ruin the surface of the Shoe, without removing the crystals completely of urine, and, consequently, odor. Moreover, the aroma of chlorine pushes the pet re-action.

3. In vain do not use perfume or Cologne, it is cheaper to use alcohol or vodka.

4. It is useless to use scented oil, clean scent only for a while.

5. Expensive products preferably immediately after the acquisition, be treated with a substance that discourages Pets from the products.

6. The acquired asset must contain special enzymes that break down uric acid neutralizes odor.

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