How to become glamorous

For those who want to look your best and be glamorous, you should adhere to is given in this article tips.

First basic rule: in order that others thought you were glamorous, you need to constantly follow her, observing all the rules of caring for your skin and hair. After all, the most glamorous accessories and clothing will not be able to disguise your pimples and make your skin silky and hair shiny. You should understand that calling the interest of others before her glamorous appearance at the same time you focus on the problems of their own appearance.

How to become glamorous

In the case when you aim to be like the beauties that hit the cover of fashionable glossy magazines and commercials on television, you need to care for and monitor their appearance and use for this purpose all the necessary tools.

Also in order to look glamorous you need to have a proportional figure. And she needed someone there, namely you, because you must respect yourself. All the glamorous clothes intended to emphasize the line of the body, such as waist, neck, abdomen, shoulders and legs. And the conversation here is not about the need to have proportions 90-60-90, even in your case it will be 100-70-100, it is important not so much the size, as the proportionality of the figure and its harmony. Strive to do this in an hourglass shape, the waist line must be at the waist line and the Breasts on the chest, not above or below.

We assume that these small nuances nothing to do with you. And even if they touch, then you undoubtedly tackle this issue and will soon become irresistible and sexy.

How to become glamorous

Now let’s talk about that will surely add glamour to your appearance:

  1. Fur. Fur at any time of the year look very glamorous. And this statement applies not only to fur clothes but also various accessories. Both natural and dyed faux fur looks very stylish. The only fur that should be used is rabbit fur, it is no matter any kind of treatment still in the end it will look cheap and scanty.

    And if you don’t have enough money to buy an expensive fur, glamour welcomes the use of imagination and you can safely use artificial fur, because at the present time many designers offer a lots of original colors and textures.

  2. Animal motifs. As a continuation of natural fur and themes can be attributed to the glamorous things that made of fur or leather of rare wild animals, or uses imitation such colors. The most popular in this respect are the skin of reptiles — crocodiles and snakes, as well as interesting color of the skin of animals such as Zebra and various members of the cat family. The skin of reptiles, as a rule, it is now widely used for sewing various accessories: belts, bags and shoes, whereas spotted graphics skins returns on different catwalks in the form of dresses, coats, skirts and is even used for underwear.

    Any girl wearing a dress of leopard color, looks very gorgeous, but stylists warn this way the outside should totally correlate with the internal content. And if you wear leopard, you need to behave like a leopard, that is to become bold, active and even aggressive within reason, in General become the first violin, and no less. Otherwise you run the risk of being just misunderstood by others.

    In that case, if you prefer a more relaxed way and if you expect to choose will not be you but you, in this case it is better to opt for a black and white Zebra or cat to use color, but in the minor roles of the ensemble.

  3. Varnish. This substance is another trend that will assist you in becoming a glamour girl. A thing may be fully or lacquer or varnish can be used at exhibitions. You will need to choose the right color for you. In that case, if you want to focus attention precisely on the patent thing, then let it be bright and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to such a glamorous chic color like red or red lacquer. If you don’t like red color, you can change it to another. but it is necessary that this color was always positive, such as young grass, wine, warm blue sea, bright morning sun, the flowers or the event. In that case, when you don’t want to see your dress, the neckline or the more pay attention to the soft pink lips, and bright colored varnish you can direct attention to your chosen lacquer thing. Optimally suitable for this purpose black vinyl things with his statement is also in harmony with absolutely any ensemble. The basic lacquer things which need to be applied for such purposes is a bag, belt or shoes.

  4. Metallic. About this color is worth to say a few kind words. Without the use of the ensemble of similar color to the current glamour fashion unthinkable. And the most popular shades are the shades of silver and gold. The Golden hue is festive and bright and therefore best suited for evening attire. But do not abuse this shade, maximize your outfit may consist of evening dresses made of gold, and in all other cases, the gold you want to use used accessories: sunglasses, belts, brooches, scarves, bags and handbags — all of which can emphasize your festive mood and glamour. Silver is used more widely: trench coats, jackets, boots, skirts, jackets, tights and any a variety of accessories ranging from jewelry, retro trendy futuristic and finishing accessories. Rough harsh silver unlike gold looks great in daylight and complements as a classic dress code, and more loose and free way. You only need to consider the style of, because brutal youth jacket boots fit perfectly, but in combination with an elegant handbag or classic coat or dress, they will seem pretentious.
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