How to become a stylish girl

We all know that the beauty of the girl depends not only on the qualities it by nature, but also on the ability to look stylish. Immediately the question arises — what is the style like this — to look stylish, how to become a intricate joke? Are there any specific recommendations? Let’s look at this sequentially.

To begin with we describe the most common mistakes. First thing you need to remember that not everything that is offered fashion designer fits all. You always have to soberly assess their physical data, and, if you are not awarded the sky model figure, then you should not try to cram yourself into an incredibly — designer clothes.

Many women do not know how to hide their shortcomings, and when Madam with a paunch, wears a low-waist jeans, it at least looks funny. Besides, you need to remember about the dress code mini skirt is not suitable for business meetings, as well as the heels are incompatible, and a trip on shish kebabs in wood. It is equally important to see the image as a whole and not individual parts — you can be beautiful things that can not be combined with each other.

Color scheme is equally important. Standard white, black all are, but that doesn’t mean that you should be confined to clichés. Combine, experiment, be creative. Remember that with the help of simple color combinations can be advantageous to emphasize your strengths. Gentle colors will help to emphasize the fresh, bright — show personality. If you have the appearance of a cute student, be very careful to use bright colors, and certainly you don’t fit the style of vamp. But if they call you ice Queen, you will look funny in the peach color!

Most women have figure flaws. They are easy enough to hide right kind of clothes. When shopping, try to create sets of — blouse approached and jeans, and skirt, and, say, the jacket was versatile. So you can always create a new image without any extra costs.

Of course, no woman is not complete without accessories. You have a good hand? Watches and bracelets will help to highlight a slim wrist. Slim waist? Stylish strap will make it even more elegant. The main thing — do not overdo it, not that you will become like a Christmas tree. Makeup is no less important, the main thing that he could clearly match your outfit.

And finally, it is worth to remind about the purity. Groomed hands, nails would look dull even in diamonds and unpolished shoes instantly tarnish your image.

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