How determine quality mink coat

What could be better than a beautiful woman in an expensive fur? A mink coat is the dream of every woman. Wrapped in a warm shiny fur, every lady will feel like a Queen. There are different styles of coats. If the choice of colors and patterns depends on the taste of the owner, the quality of the fur is the main criterion.

Let us consider in detail the quality criteria for fur coats:

1. A very important indicator is the condition of the fur. You need to learn how to determine the quality of mink skins. For this we first need to visit several stores of fur and to listen carefully to the advice of consultants.

Experienced professionals will gladly reveal to you a few secrets and the contemplation of his reflection in the mirror will lift your spirits. Take a look, give a coat, because such a thing is impossible to buy quickly and recklessly. Trying on different models of coats, you can choose the right style. Such measures will allow a woman to learn to compare price and quality coats. In the process of fitting can be at the tactile feel of fur, his tenderness.

2. Swipe your hand over the fur. The fur should be thick and with a beautiful sheen. Usually from the bottom of the long fibers there is a good layer of undercoat. Inspect the fur coat on all sides and under sleeves. Sometimes manufacturers are in remote places using skins not very good quality.

3. One of the basic procedures when purchasing a mink coat is the definition of quality fur from a fake. To do this, hold the hand in the opposite direction of hair growth. If after this procedure, all the hairs back to the reverse position, the fur to be good. The villi should not stick out in different directions, and shall be uniform wavy surface.

4. The membrane — it is the skin beneath the strands of fur. Look at the scrapings, although not easy to get through the thick layer of fur. Blow on the fur and check the color of the leather. Quality mink pelts are bright and good leather. But the products lay for a long time, can have a dark color scrapings. Sometimes the color change indicates that the fur has been subjected to coloring or toning.

5. Pay attention to seams, especially in hard to reach places. The joints and the joints between the skins don’t have to Shine or to stand out on the front of the coat. Sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers cover hood poorly done seams.

6. The age of the product is also an important indicator. The coat, which was made a long time or spent a long time, will differ from new. Shake coat. If in different directions will fly hairs, so the product is a little bit obsolete.

7. Lining the coat must exactly match the patterns of the product. a good coat should not look out lining. The fabric itself should be of calm colors not to distract attention from the fur.

8. In a very nice fur it is possible to view the underside of the skins. To do this, the lining is not sewn to the bottom of the coat. The buyer specifically demonstrate the quality of the pulp.

9. Some coats are specially painted in different colors. Check the quality of color. Take a white handkerchief and a little RUB on the very fur. From a good painting without trace on a white surface.

10. All the hairs from the fur must be of the same length. Some specially cut length of the fibers, to hide the flaws.

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