How can you stretch shoes in the lift

How can you stretch shoes in the lift

Women very often have to increase any item in size, but also to stretch the shoes to rise. Ladies want to look perfect from every element of the outfit to the shoes. But these days it’s not easy: the market must choose from an existing variety of proposals that pair of shoes suitable for the foot. Often already making a purchase, understand that the shoes in the rise small. You can use the services of a specialist Shoe shop, which takes into account the specifics of the Shoe material. But you can try stretch PU shoes independently.

Stretches shoes in the lift at home

1. For stretching of the product must be purchased special tools, some of which, according to the instructions, you need to apply on the trouble area and the other spraying. Often these substances do not need further wash, as they are well absorbed. This procedure must be performed in a well ventilated area and away from children.

2. You can use traditional ways. To do this, put the product in the package made of polyethylene and carefully up to the top to fill it with water. Then you carefully tie the package and put the item into the refrigerator overnight. This method is effective, but rather risky, it can negatively affect the skin condition of the product.

3. Another way to stretch the UPS will last about a day. You should wear a wet thick socks (mostly Terry) and pass in them all day. This procedure causes some discomfort, however, the product will become much freer in less than a day.

4. This method is suitable for the most hardy of people have to endure pain for several days. This requires putting on a new outfit for several days in a row to stretch the shoes to rise until the product takes the form of the foot.

The traditional method of stretching shoes in the lift

Suede and leather can stretch yourself at home pretty quickly, without damaging its quality. But stretch product made from a synthetic material that could hurt him.

For footwear bought through the network, in the field of lift using special pads. In many shops for shoes, you can purchase the tool (stretcher) — adjustable device that is inserted into the product. By turning the handle, need to open the machine by making a mark on the required size corresponding to the size of the legs (Merck). Then the tool closes and the product is treated by special means. Closed the device is gently inserted into the product and revealed at the Shoe to the desired value. Dries shoes about a day.

Such stretching of the product requires professionalism and care specialist.

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