How can I prolong the life of the Shoe?

Every woman knows how it is hard to part with your favorite pair of shoes, especially when you have to save on everything. Today we will tell you how you can extend the life of the Shoe using a variety of means.

Post shoes

•Perfect to carry shoes using a Hairdryer and thick socks. It is very simple: you need to put on your feet thick socks and wear the shoes you plan to carry. Then hold feet hot air from a hair dryer, and your shoes will get the outlines of your feet.

•Also now sold many kinds of remedies that prevent the formation of calluses. However, if such a tool at hand, you can normal deodorant-pencil your shoes to handle the inside and boldly go where you need it.

•If you need to wear high heel and closed toe you can make your stay in them, just a fast patch your third and fourth fingers on their feet. Thus, the foot settles in better shoes.

•If you still have blisters on her feet, prepare them a bath of strong tea. With a bath you your wounds will be disinfected, the foot relaxes, and after that, the blisters heal faster.

The resuscitation of the old shoes

•If your shoes chipped heels, to «revive» them you can use a sequin and a special adhesive. Just sprinkle the sequins heels, which will hide all their flaws.

•If you need to revive light shoes or sneakers, then, first of all, use the liquid Polish remover, which can remove from your shoes spots. Using toothpaste you can return shoes linen. A small crack can paint over nail Polish white.

•If your shoes started to squeak, under the sole feed a small amount of baby powder.

Care for suede shoes

•Damage, fading, and stains on your suede shoes can be removed using conventional nail files. Can also use talc. A small amount of talc sprinkle the stain, let it absorb pollution, and then remove the excess with an old toothbrush, which you soak in vinegar.

•If your suede shoes with visible stains from water, you can remove them with a normal toothbrush, which should also be soaked in vinegar.

Caring for patent shoes

•Spot with the lacquered surface of the Shoe can be removed with tools for cleaning Windows and mirrors. A few times spray the product on the shoes and treat it with a soft cloth.

•Worn with patent shoes can be removed with vaseline.

Odor removal

•In order to get your foot in the Shoe did not sweat, you need to treat her dry shampoo.

•To absorb various odors can baking soda, dried tea bags, and lemon zest.

•You can also use essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender or peppermint. A few drops of your chosen essential oil drip into the shoes and let it stand four or five hours.

•Prepare your shoes into an airtight plastic bags and put in the freezer for two to three hours. Once your shoes will thaw any unpleasant smell will disappear.

Tricks for sports fans

•If you like to run, you know that there are special cases for iPods and mobile phones, but the keys often has nowhere to go. In this case, you can tie the keys together with laces and run them indefinitely. Even if the shoelace is untied, you won’t be able to miss.

•Very effectively massage the soles of the feet can tennis balls. This can be a great remedy for tired legs. To avoid cramping, sit back, and under the feet lay the little balls and roll them in a few minutes. Your feet will quickly get rid of fatigue.

For greater comfort

•If you spray on your feet hairspray, your feet will not slip in the shoes, and you’re with them will not be able to fall out. This will be especially true if you like to wear flip flops.

•If you have to move on the slippery floor, and the prevention or special stickers on your shoes no, you can use sandpaper. You will only need a little to RUB her soles on your shoes and your shoes will no longer slide.

•Use regular beeswax, you can your shoes to make waterproof. Apply them onto your shoes or espadrilles, and then dry it with a Hairdryer. Of course, this does not mean that now they can walk on water, but in the rain or even a shower they will not get wet.

•Buy shoes experts suggest late afternoon, when your feet are slightly to swell, and they can grow even at a half size. In this case, you will be able to purchase the kind of shoes that definitely will not be able to RUB your feet.

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