How beautiful to walk in heels?

Undoubtedly, sleeker, prettier, sexier legs lovely women help to make the heels. With their help you can easily achieve the effect of lengthening the legs. However, just to try on heels and walk in it – completely different things.

Listen to the advice of experts in order to walk nicely in heels.

You can often see those women is absolutely ridiculous, with knees bent. Their kind is so stupid that instead of having to pull spellbound views, they cause a smile. Let’s try to solve this problem, as it causes discomfort to many ladies.

How beautiful to walk in heels?

First, before you get up and walk in high heels take care of the muscle tone in the legs. Strengthen primarily the calf muscles, so they could easily keep the feet, especially when walking in high heels. Try starting with just a little more to walk, start to do fitness (especially effective will be lessons on step-platforms), and you feel how the leg muscles become stronger and, therefore, to walk in heels would be easier gait will become light and femininity.

Another of the highlights is the staging of the foot when walking. In no case do not try to step on the whole foot at once: it will be kind of bent knees and a funny gait. Your pitch should begin with the heel and then go to toe. To walk throughout the foot choose shoes with chunky heel and better off without him.

Another disadvantage walk in heels (and not only) has a clubfoot foot – eversion toe of the foot inside. This is also done for sustainability. But looks far from feminine. Try to walk so that your feet socks always looked apart. It will give the gait of lightness and elegance.

These nuances that recommend, are unacceptable for you? You find it difficult to master the heels from? Try to buy shoes with wedge heels, or platform that is stable. When you walk in such shoes will be perfect, feel free to try to walk in high heels, even stilettos.

When choosing shoes on the heels, first, rate how comfortable you have to wear. Do not buy tight shoes or shoes of a smaller size to make the leg slimmer. In the case of heels it will cause a bad gait. So pick the shoes that is ideal in size.

Following these simple rules will help you to wear heels regardless of their height, feminine and dignified.

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