How and what to wear with frill

What fashionista doesn’t know the word «frill«? This «bird’s craw», so translated the word from French, refers to the processing of blouses, dresses or shirts with frill of lace or fabric, which descends from the neck down to the chest. There are a variety of collars, which are also called frill.

To frill you looked perfect, you need to know certain rules of wearing it.

How and what to wear with frill

Now jabot can be worn with casual and festive clothes. Enough to wear a ruff, with a cream shirt and jeans, as your look will be romantic and will create the feeling of flying in the day.

In the clothing business, ruff will look great in fitted shirts, sheath, and sleeveless tops or loose blouses with sleeves-lanterns. Today, the most popular are dresses consisting of two parts where the shirt top has a big frill, and pencil skirt.

To wear frill, just solid blouse or white. On the clothes color-block or variegated graphic prints and frill will be to weight your way and lost all the charm.

Skirt year can be worn with blouses with a frill. Such skirts are best suites to frill. This combination gives the image sex appeal and seductiveness.

Ideal frill for all the figure-hugging styles. It is pencil skirts, skirts, straight pants, tight leggings, shorts. Due to the fact that it is now quite popular Maxi, blouse with frill can be worn with long straight skirt.

But you cannot wear a shirt or blouse with a big frill in combination with other ruffle or ruffles. Indeed, while the frill may lose its uniqueness, and your figure will be similar to the decorated Christmas tree.

If you like frill-bow from chiffon, make sure that the clothes never appears the same element. For this bow you need a minimum of accessories, because it is very self-sufficient.

We must remember that no matter how beautiful and loved was not your necklace, with a blouse with frills to wear it is not worth it. If there is a frill, no additional accessories in the neck area is no longer needed. The only exception might be a brooch-cameo, in the centre of the frill. Only she can add to your outfit a real aristocracy.

How and what to wear with frill

Outfit with frills can only be worn with ornaments in vintage style. Will fit classic gold earrings, decorated with precious stones. But to combine frill products of rubber and plastic, not worth it.

Pay attention to your makeup. For clothes with frill’t need a catchy makeup, so as not to distract attention from the exquisite style.

Leading designers who love this dated but irreplaceable today article of clothing, you can call Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld), and designers Valentino, bill Blass (Bill Blass), Missoni, Moschino, D&G and others.

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