Heidi Klum put her daughter in heels

It would seem, nothing extra ordinary, a normal exit to the restaurant mother and part-time beautiful model Heidi Klum with all her four offsprings.

Boys especially nothing remarkable stood out, but devchonochki ten and four and a half years sported a pair of Shoe on the heels.

Having such a trendy mother goddess, children since small years accustomed to newfangled solutions, revealing that it was in this wonderful day. It blended perfectly five inch heels on a boat eldest daughter with her little dress of blue. The girl looked like a miniature grown-up girl. The younger was dressed more in the children’s version, but heels three inches clearly singled out her cute sandals of silver. Podiatrists vs this early wear shoes with heels, but the star’s mother has their own views on the issue, preparing their children not the simple life star children.

The supermodel has in her wardrobe a lot of great pairs of designer footwear, handbags. All these treasures are in perfect condition and exact chronology with photographic confirmation. Get daughters a thing to their leg reached my mother’s size eleven.

Heidi Klum put her daughter in heels

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