Handbag on the strap (photo)

There is no doubt that a large and roomy bag is not only stylish but also very comfortable. It is possible to put a laptop, folders, books and many helpful women’s stuff. However, the purse on the strap maintains its position. It is such a handbag will result in delicate and feminine. Despite its small size, its volume will not distract during a visit or outing.

A small handbag with a long strap is very convenient, because it can be worn several ways – on the shoulder or «cross body» (as the bag of the postman). In the latter embodiment, the hands can remain free, and the strap will not dig into the shoulder. In addition, this accessory looks very feminine and contributes to a lightness.

Every year, the global fashion house released the entire collection of these stylish accessories, so any option to find will not be difficult.

The handbag strap will fit a woman of any age and lifestyle. It can be made smooth or patent leather can be of various shapes, decorated with all sorts of decor and accessories, as well as to be boho-chic or minimalist. So, what you need to know to intelligently choose this stylish thing?

Choosing the right handbag with a long strap

Before you buy a handbag on the strap, you should think not only about its color or style, but about comfort, style or in combination with other things from your wardrobe.

Given that this accessory with a long strap, should take into account your growth. Strap length plays a big role, both for appearance and for convenience. A handbag with a long strap usually worn on the waist or below 10 cm. Most importantly, the purse was not at the level of mid-thigh, because when you walk it will fight on feet. If the purse is supposed to wear obliquely, then the leash should be long enough.

There are pouches with a fixed length of the strap, and there are those where the length can be adjusted. So, if you have the opportunity to try on the handbag, better to stop the choice on the fixed straps, and when in doubt – select the adjustable strap. And even if you miss, it can be corrected. For example, a long strap to tie in a knot or use in a sewing workshop, and if he was short to make a new one.

The length of the strap depends on the characteristics of the shape, because the accessory is worn on the hips or waist. In this case, or to distract or to draw attention to a certain area. So, if you want to emphasize the dignity of the figure, it is recommended to choose a handbag or bright variegated hues with vivid detail. Otherwise, it should focus on models of dark-colored (black, olive green or brown). The ideal solution would be a handbag in the tone of the lower part of clothes.

Style also plays a role in choosing the accessory that allows to emphasize the individuality and sense of taste. For example, for bright images you can use the bags with the prints, crisp images – versatile messenger bag. In addition, you can pick up accessories in ethnic or futuristic style. It is important that a fashion accessory right complement the image, emphasizing your individuality.

Styles of handbags with a long strap

The first style – the good old classics. Handbags in this style will suit ladies who prefer classical style. Recommended to choose the model of genuine leather. Perfect for girls with good taste and high status. It is not recommended to choose accessories of patent leather as they look cheap.

Handbag made of genuine leather is quite versatile, it can be any color – black, beige, dark blue or dark brown. Therefore, a suitable model can be selected for any season, combining with different things.

If you want to add an image stylish details, then you can stay for purses with fringe, lace, pleats, visible metal fittings, buckles and external pockets.

The second style is retro or vintage touch. Vintage handbag with a long strap will add a touch of antiquity and individuality. The peculiarity of these models is a noble imprint of time. The works of ancient masters almost always have a chance to repeat itself, although are more expensive fashion bags in this style.

Here’s what you need to know if you decide to purchase this accessory. First, the bag should present signs of aging – fading, cracks, faded paint. Secondly, it should be gold or silver-tone hardware – metal clasps, buckles etc. third, the detail of this style needs to be a contrasting finish. And, fourth, the bag can be decorated with flowers.

The third style is the attention to the figure. Concise handbags leather most often complement the outfit with a bright print. However, you can create a look from the back, selecting an accessory with a long strap and eye-catching pattern. Such models are presented in different styles: classic, romantic, sporty, ethnic, Bohemian, etc.

If you prefer a bright handbag, it is better to combine with clothes of neutral colors, although it is possible to combine with the dress pattern. Right to withstand the will help harmonious selection of embroidered handbag to the dress. So, if the pattern of the purse is red, the dress or another outfit, he should also be present. A great option – blue and white polka dots.

The fourth casual. The perfect accessory for casual style – a messenger bag, or any other additional pockets on the outside. These bags are very comfortable and roomy. It is advisable to choose leather models, however, valid options of a fabric. Last less durable and thus for them it is not difficult to care for.

If you do not have the purse on the strap, is to rectify the situation. This accessory will be not only functional but also quite stylish.

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