Guipure dress

As you know, fashion is cyclical. With every new cycle of things more improved and supplemented. Not left side and guipure dress, a trend that has acquired a new breath. Dress of guipure exist for a long time. For example, a sign of the incredible wealth of medieval beauty was considered the dress of Venetian lace, hand-woven. Wide popularity in Europe Lacy acquired at the end of the XV century.

Modern guipure is diverse and accessible to a wide range of consumers. It is made from a variety of materials – cotton, linen, wool and synthetics. Ladies all over the world have the opportunity to wear light cotton outfits or padded with lace, both on holidays and in everyday life.

Guipure outfit looks great on young ladies, and not so good. The peculiarity of this fabric that, along with brevity, it attaches along wealth, taking into account correctly completed.

Prophetic of guipure often represent a vintage and retro style, which convey the spirit of the last century. While the cut of these dresses is quite simple, but the emphasis on the shape. Among chiffon dresses the most common dress-shirt, dress, and box. Among cotton casual dresses – mini dresses and mid-length dress.

Fashion guipure dress

Today, the trend guipure dresses, stylized underwear of XIX century, which was hidden under the clothes of thick fabrics. Creating similar outfits, the designers did not skimp on the frills, ruffles and lace. In addition, the important and the color of the dress. Usually it is white or creamy cream color, shades of baked milk or flax. It is not surprising that outfits in such a delicate light shades perfect brown girls. Today, the trend all colours of guipure – from delicate pastels to bright.

On the podium is taken to demonstrate guipure dresses, worn on the naked body. Of course, for ordinary life is unacceptable, so there are special «substrate» with thin straps that scoop under guipure dress. Guipure dress can go with «padding» in the tone of the dress. The most advantageous and interesting look «substrate» of contrasting colors. For example, black under the red lace, beige in the black, etc.

When creating the image with guipure dress, it is recommended to adhere to certain rules. So, the choice of accessories and shoes should be based on the classics. Regardless of the choice of a classic Shoe, you should avoid bright colors. The shoes are lined with fabric will be perfect in the ensemble with the same purse. The jacket in Chanel style will perfectly complete the look.

Do not forget that lace, a three – dimensional tissue, so women with curvaceous, it is desirable to give preference to dresses with guipure trim or V-neck, and belt to wear just below the breast.

Long guipure dress

Long guipure dress is not inferior to luxurious evening attire. Therefore, a dress made of guipure length to the floor can be ideal for party, wedding, or hike, for example, in the theater.

In addition, another outfit for the theater can be guipure dress with lining, which will add volume to the hem of the dress.

Dress with guipure inserts

Dress cannot always be made of guipure. Guipure perfect for inserts and parts.

For example, sleeve dress, neck collar can be made of guipure. The dress also looks good with lace (skirt is a solid fabric combined with a lace blouse). Also very unusual looks in tight dresses deep neckline lace on the back.

Black guipure dress

Ideal for office and party, will be the classic black guipure dress. Some jewelry made of precious metals or stones will be able to give along festivity. If the dress is made of a thin fabric, then it should wear opaque black or gray dress, against which the pattern guipure lace would be advantageous to look, and the lady in that outfit will definitely be noticed.

Depending on the event, a black guipure dress can be closed with long sleeves and a skirt knee length or short with small arms, and possibly even without straps.

White dress guipure

Many are convinced that the gown of white lace designed just for weddings. Not at all. White guipure dress looks very elegant and feminine, of course, lends its wearer youthful.

For guipure dresses white perfect white or flesh «substrate». The color of the lace may not be pure white, and a little pink or champagne color.

Incredibly nice white wedding dress of lace or decorated with white lace. Often for these gowns are lace panels on the back or shoulders.

White guipure dress, you can boldly accessorize, both white and black. In addition, with white lace will be a good idea to combine shades of red. So, gown of white lace perfectly complement the jacket, shoes or earrings red. We should not forget about makeup that should be executed, respectively, bright accents.

Errors in the choice of guipure attire

Many women love chiffon dresses, but sometimes even too much light can ruin the whole ensemble. Translucent lace outfit with inappropriate or incorrect combination may question the good taste of its owner. Such mistakes and famous women.

For example, the world-famous popular singer Britney Spears selected a very short transparent dress gives the impression, probably underwear, but not formal dresses. Also with the outfit «missed the mark» and the French model Laetitia Casta. This time, the wonderful taste of the girl failed. Bra and panties shorts black Caste wore under the black lace that was a bit reminiscent of tulle.

In addition, social networks can often see photos of girls in transparent tops, worn on underwear dark colors. Such images create the impression of levity and availability of girls.

Choosing guipure dresses, the most that should be left clear – sleeves, back cutout, if necessary, insert at the neckline.

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