Green jacket: what to wear

In the wardrobe of every stylish girl must be present jacket. Would be great if there will be a few pieces. Different interesting images you can create with the jacket. Office style, elegant romance will look great with it.

White and black blazers are very easy to combine with different things. But with colored jackets, the situation is complicated. And the designers are confident that in 2017, colored blazers are in fashion. To date, all bright colours, starting with pink and yellow and ending with red and bright blue, very fashionable.

And what can wear a green jacket? He is represented in many collections of fashion.

What color to combine with green?

This color has the perfect shades. He is bright and interesting. The designers to date have not dared to use it as the main color in clothing. Green has an interesting feature. It lies in the fact that it is located between blue, light blue, purple (cool tones) and red, yellow, orange (warm tones) rows. This means that it is in the middle and so versatile.

Looks very cheerful combination of bright green color with blue. View another combination that is often found in nature. It rose, watermelon, poppy field. One word green and red together would look very juicy, but with the proviso that one of these colors will be slightly muted. Also interesting pine color with olive. Very quiet combination.

For those who love to attract attention and experiment offers a combination of bright green, blue and carrot flowers. If you want to look gentle and feminine, use a combination of light green and lilac shades.

What to wear with green jacket and how to choose?

Color jacket today can be worn not only during the holidays, but at work, unless there is a so-called dress code. But this applies mostly to shades of blue or pink flowers and for the output of clothing is best to use yellow and green.

This season’s popular colored blazers with evening dresses that create a fashionable romantic and feminine image. Jacket bright green color goes well with olive or violet top and pencil skirt. Striking combination of white mini skirt with ruffles, clutch bag, platform ankle boots and white tights with a jacket khaki. Romantically will look a pale green jacket, a lace blouse, light blue jeans and ballet flats or ankle boots.

Before you purchase the green jacket, think what it can be combined.

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