Gothic wedding dresses

Every Saturday near the tourist attractions in the center of Moscow are going to turn the wedding procession, those wishing to make photos or videos.

And all brides as one in the traditional white dresses. Of course, these dresses are different in style, fabric and quality. But there is something that unites them all and makes even the same color.

Wedding is an event that is remembered for a lifetime. And in order to make the wedding memorable, many couples are coming up with a script, book a restaurant with expensive food and drinks, invite musicians. Of course, it can afford not all. Many chic wedding can be expensive, and guests in this way is not surprising.

But the surprise with the wedding dresses easily. Remember that the bride’s attire is the most important thing (of course, after the bride). The bride’s dress to pay attention not only guests, but also passers-by. And then for many years You will be able to remember your image from photos and videos.

Guests can forget the taste of unusual dishes and drinks the following day. Some will forget, and the wedding itself. And photos this is also not remember. But then, how beautiful was the bride, the camera will keep for life.

People got used to the tradition the bride must be white. And to be like everyone else, many don’t deviate from it.

After reading other articles on our website learn from them about the history of wedding dresses and the importance of white color, You will realize that white at a wedding is not mandatory. And moreover, it does not guarantee a happy family life.

If You look at our publications, we make sure that when you select Gothic or any other dress You have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd of identical brides.

Below in the photo gallery you will see the Gothic wedding dresses :

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