Going to the theater — what to wear?

Going to the theater is the most popular and social event. This is the best way to spend your time with benefit. However, for women there is a great opportunity to show their best side. It is necessary to observe important etiquette rules.

Usually the choice of clothing depends on the dates of your visit and the variety theatre.

Theatre can be of different types

Children will be more interesting to visit puppet theaters where the played presentation with dolls. Opera is based on music and arias. Beautiful and unusual sounds have a strong influence on the audience. Ballet theatre transfers the contents of the play through dance.

Another form of theatre has a drama theater, which decided to put the tragic genre. Usually in the play the tragic genre played out various conflicts and raised deep questions about the meaning of life. It is also worth noting that there are more nonclassical varieties theatres. The main feature of them is that they can even come in sneakers and jeans. Depending on the kind of theatre you must choose the appropriate attire.

Since puppet theatre is intended for kids, woman can wear classic trousers and a soft sweater or a white blouse. Shoes you can choose classic, and the heel may not be large.

In Opera and ballet theatre it is impossible to walk in trousers and jeans. Allowed dresses and skirts. They can choose different accessories depending on the event.

If you want to go to this opening, anniversary or a benefit, you can wear long evening dress with diamond jewelry or any other stones. You can also dress up if the space is located in the first tier in the stalls and be happy. As a rule, the audience in the front rows seem to be more ornate than others.

It is important to choose the right shoes. It is not recommended to wear the boots. Best of all, if you are going to visit the theater in the cold, take along the shoes. It is advisable to wear flats, they look much better than stilettos or even a small heel. In theatre you can’t walk in sneakers, sneakers, sandals and flip-flops.

In such places it is not recommended to take with you bulky bags. For a theater more suited small, classic purses and special edition – clutch bags. These bags are very small, but they can put a lipstick, a powder compact and other small items. If you have a large bag, it must be left in the cloakroom. The clutch should go well with the dress color, they can be the same colors or slightly different.

For theatre is a smart choice cocktail dress. This dress should be a relaxing shades, while it has nothing in excess. Revealing outfits are not suitable for theatres, it is necessary that your entire wardrobe could well be combined. Not much to decorate herself, because the abundance of jewellery on the contrary, to make an image of the caller and vulgar. Shades of dresses should not be too bright. Allowed dress with plunge neckline and slit. If the dress is decorated with rhinestones, you should not wear ornaments on the neck.

If the view will last up to six hours, this event is not considered to be formal. For such ideas, you can choose a dress that is just above and below the knee. However, color should be calm and harmonious. Of jewelry, you can choose a string of pearls. You can choose the stockings or tights, but they should be solid colors, as bright hues can look ridiculous and can be very evident.

For special events you can cover the shoulder fur Cape. It is desirable that the Cape was made of fur. Instead, you can choose an elegant shawl or an elegant Bolero. If your dress greatly opens the back, then this option is perfect and a good complement image.

Salesaudit element of the image is makeup. It should not contain bright colors, but it is necessary to differentiate it from daytime makeup. Lipstick should be a few shades darker than the natural color of the lips. To emphasize the eyes, use a pencil and eye shadow under the eye color. Neat manicure and nice perfume will nicely complete the image.

It should be remembered that if a woman needs to go to the theater, she has beautiful and elegant look. To achieve this, you need to choose a beautiful dress, shoes, elegant jewelry, evening makeup and hair. Thus, you will be able perfectly to fill the theater room with a mysterious atmosphere.

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