Going to the fitness club

Self-respecting woman in any situation tries to look adorable, even if she’s going to do sports. And if you are firmly convinced that in the gym you will not find any of his friends, still in any case it is not necessary to wear a shirt, long lost colour and shape, and old worn sneakers.

Tips for those going to the fitness club:

  • The material of which is sewn your sport clothes should be natural. A properly selected color and style will help hide some figure flaws. The bodice should wear elastic.
  • The soles of the shoes should be steady, and the shoes are comfortable.
  • Gather your hair in a hairstyle with which you will be comfortable. Importantly, the hair does not interfere.
  • Makeup if indispensable, apply natural shades and in small quantities.


  • To wear training pants made of fabric that is illuminated. It looks vulgar.
  • To wear pants, which stretched knees and a shapeless t-shirt, from which emanates a stale smell.
  • To wear worn and dirty sports shoes with frayed laces. Decent shoes or sneakers capable of making fitness classes more enjoyable and useful.
  • To dissolve long hair. During class they will become wet and will look untidy. In addition, they will constantly be in your mouth or will stick to the face.
  • Liberally use makeup before the gym. During the exercise all this beauty will flow, and will be a rather unpleasant sight.
  • Don’t use perfume. Even the most exquisite smell coupled with the smell of sweat will be not very pleasant combination.

And, of course, don’t forget about deodorant!

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