Going for dinner

If you are going to a lunchtime meeting with foreign business partners, or invited to a dinner, you should look the part.

A few tips on the occasion of a dinner party

This case is perfect classic black suit black color without any frills. It will give you elegance.

To suit ideal chiffon blouse or shirt. Try to choose not very bright colors. Perfect milk, white or beige. To add a color can come in various accessories.

Evening dress would be completely inappropriate for a formal dinner.

Shoes you can choose leather or suede. Best suited black shoes with a closed toe.

Very seriously consider the choice of jewelry. The most suitable option can be a decoration of pearls or with its skilful imitation.

Of course, the diamonds immediately will highlight your taste and budget. For a formal dinner can be a good approach understated diamond ring, and small earrings in the form of studs. However, keep in mind that decorations should not be too much. Otherwise it would indicate your lack of taste and vulgarity.

An interesting note to your image can add a small clutch. Never take a big bag.

Cosmetics use minimal amounts. In this case, the most appropriate natural beauty.

Wavy hair can give your way of romance. Short hair should be laid in a neat form.

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