From what to wear yellow clothes?

Yellow is a Sunny color, which in hot weather are very common. This color by definition can not be dull. Yellow is associated with sunlight, in the spectrum is the brightest color, that is why it is often used for warning labels.

The yellow color used in your closet optimists, but also bold and creative. In clothes of yellow color you just can not go unnoticed.

However, designers are taking this color is ambiguous. In one season he’s at the peak of popularity, and in others it’s nearly forgotten. Still, this color never fade from fashion collections.

Yellow and white

This truly Royal blend, because it was used in clothing of the Roman emperors, and the luxurious clothes of the French kings and Greek gods. This combination of perfectly young, it just made for summer. The image this gives airy and light, and it is perfectly possible to dilute bright accessories.

Yellow and black

Quite bright and contrasting combination that will immediately catch the eye, and in some cases will look even a little aggressive. Therefore it is necessary to observe the very fine line between beauty and bad taste. But in order to you were not like a bee, avoid this set of horizontal stripes. Both of these colors are sufficient, so use as little as possible prints. Very nice will look yellow pants with a black jacket or the same color sweater. And wishing a little to hide massive hips, you should choose a dark bottom and yellow top.

Yellow and grey

This combination looks very impressive. Bright yellow color is well diluted dull gray. There is no celebration sets in white and yellow tones, so this combination is perfect for everyday wear. Yellow in the autumn are able to add a little sunshine, and also give dark clothes a little mood.

Yellow and red or orange

The best combination for spirited and passionate women. But it is too pretentious to not give up if you manage to strike a balance. You can combine a bright top with gray pants and throw the jacket beige.

Yellow and blue

This combination will help you create fresh and bright, and at the same time gentle way. This combination very well it will look lemon color, which goes well with a light blue tint. Probably because those colors resemble the sea, they are often used for summer clothing. But more saturated shades such as yellow, cyan also will be perfectly combined among themselves. To them are perfect Nude or white accessories.

Yellow and green

This combination reminds us of the freshness of a spring morning. This is the most successful combination for blondes with Golden skin tone. Brave girls will suit the combination of yellow and emerald green, and for special occasions the yellow can be replaced by gold. The most fashionable color nowadays becomes the color of a sea wave, which will be perfectly combined with Golden or dusky yellow.

Yellow and blue

This is one of the most successful combinations that can create an elegant and impressive images. If you experiment with the saturation, you can create trendy business kit. Perfectly this ensemble will fit the accessories in yellow or Golden color.

Yellow and pink

Very unusual, does not fit into the color wheel combination that, despite this, has already won the hearts of many fashionistas. This is a summer mix that is perfect for creative, bright and bold girls. It is also often used to create neon images. This is a wonderful combination that will suit girls with different hair color.

Yellow and lilac or purple

The combination, which is borrowed from nature. Recall such beautiful flowers like irises or pansies. These colors look organically in nature, and clothing. Especially if they successfully complement with gold jewelry. And in the daily dress up you can use lighter colors such as lilac, lemon, lavender.

Yellow and brown

The combination of brown and yellow also long been known. Wear these colors will not go out of fashion ever, and this combination is considered a classic. But if you want to experiment with colors, you can try to include in this ensemble the accessories green or purple. Very often such combinations can be found in the costumes in military style, khaki or ethnics, it’s the color of the sun, wood and earth.

Yellow accessories

Well yellow is suitable for all kinds of accessories. Modern ladies often use them even in casual and business style.

Different shades of yellow can be found in the belts and gloves and bags and scarves. In our time, especially popular accessories neon colors. Since this color is very bright, it’s important with him not to overdo it. It must be some one part or one accessory. He’ll give your clothes the focus, not overloading your image.

What yellow do not mix?

Yellow can be combined with almost all other colors. The only restriction will be the different shades of the same yellow color. The reason for this lies in the fact that the yellow color is very saturated and intense, and is too bright a yellow plain clothes transferred hard enough. Besides, it’s not very successful is the combination of yellow with grey, black and pink. However, fashion has no borders and therefore you can afford poeksperimentirovat.

Yellow must be in the wardrobe of every girl and women, not only as a color accent, but also clothes, because it can help fight a bad mood.

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