Floor-length dress red

Red dress floor-length fail to use as casual wear. Not the best choice is to wear it for another party. But for a special event, this outfit will certainly come in handy. The lady, dressed in a long red dress will certainly attract the attention of the guests of the soiree.

This garment will not only make your fashionable and sophisticated image, but will certainly delight individuals, male and female. Dress red floor to give you a sense of confidence in its appeal and added passion. All eyes will be on you thanks along. An example may be a dress from Elie Saab.

An example of fashion red evening and cocktail dresses to the floor for 2017 can be dresses from the collection from the famous Spanish brand Pronovias. Many designers, including well-known, showing dresses of such models during the shows. Please note that the hem of the dress necessarily have to hide your shoes.

What combination of red dress with floor length

The combination of black with red. This Duo of colors belongs to the category of classic. Imagine it in a red dress, shoes and a little purse (or clutch) in black. Complement the outfit flesh-colored tights. Using a thin black belt to emphasize the waist. In cool weather, by the way, you can add a blazer or jacket in a feminine cut.

The combination of red and white. This is a very functional and harmonious. Donning a Bolero or jacket of white color, it is possible not only to emphasize the saturation of red, but also to give the image of freshness and weightlessness.

The combination of blue with red. This combination of colors can be called stylish. Black clutch bag, blue jacket and shoes matched the red dress and a fashionable look is ready.

What accessories to pick red dress

Large and flashy accessories are unnecessary if you are wearing a dress red hue. In addition to the along enough modest size of a small brooch or buckle. Also, this garment suggests the presence of a belt of a particular shade, leather clutch bags, elegant necklace. The most important thing — to observe a measure.

Very beautiful red dresses can be seen in the new collections from Jovani, Sherri Hill, Tony Bowls.

For example, new red floor-length dress from Jovani has a winning silhouette in the form of a fish, which will accentuate the feminine shape and enhance waist.

We present to Your attention a new collection of red dresses to the floor from well-known manufacturers:

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