Fleece jackets

Women’s sweaters from knitted material, very warm, comfortable and cozy. In addition, they are very beautiful. The material is very soft. It produces masterpieces that adorn the wardrobe of stylish women and fashionistas.

Models jackets knitwear can be very different. The versatility of this fabric can sew sweaters for all occasions. Sweatshirts can be made in a simple style. For home you can choose more convenient and free style. Jackets for special occasions should look festive.

Be sure when choosing a style, consider the female figure. Incorrectly selected style fleece jackets can visually add unwanted centimetres, or Vice versa, select centimeters. Vertical lines to visually narrow and elongate the figure, and horizontal lines – expand and expand.

Fleece jackets for skinny girls

If you want to emphasize their thinness, choose the style button. In this model, you will look even slimmer.

You can also recommend a model with a drawstring stomach. Many famous brands produce models for slender girls.

Savage launches the youth clothes in casual style, so this brand has many models of knitted sweaters with buttons.

Tom Tailor – a well-known German brand, specializing in casual clothes. They can find jackets that suitable for work or everyday wear. The buttons on these models do dim.

Natali Silhouette is a Lithuanian brand that produces classic knitwear. Here you can choose a very elegant model in classic style. Form of these models emphasizes the body lines, so thin girls they look very good.

Coccapani brand from Italy. Here you can see a black knitted cardigan with drawstring. It looks quite simple, but sits very loose. This jacket can complement the closet in a sports style or casual style.

Fleece jackets for women with full forms

Overweight women should choose the clothes with perpendicular stripes. Jersey material allows you to perform bulk patterns, so the models are available in a large assortment.

Full women look good model with the smell. In this case, the extra inches visually masked by the diagonal line of the smell. In addition, the smell gives the jacket an elegant look.Such models can be worn both with pants and with skirts.

Another tried and tested option for the full women’s style sweatshirts called «the bat». The most voluminous parts of the figure are hidden, loose fit sleeves and waist.

It is recommended to look for models for fat women from the following brands.

Kosmika produces models «the bat». The festive variant of the shoulders are decorated with stones.

Elegance produces models of jackets with a smell that look very elegant.

What fleece jackets are now in fashion

The knit is a versatile fabric, so the women use it, regardless of fashion trends. The classic models always up to date. But, nevertheless, highlight a few details that are characteristic of today’s fashion models:


bright print;

— layering;

— loose cut;

— animal motifs.

Example trendy jackets — knitted jacket white, boxy cut. Jacket has leopard print panels and a leopard print.

Brand Oasis releases «cherry» jacket is black with three-quarter sleeves. Fit – a classic.

To complement and diversify knitted sweater

Solid sweater can be worn in a «pristine» state. But if you want, you can decorate it. So, you highlight your individuality and creativity.

For decoration you can use some advice, tested.

1. Free jacket, you can complement with a thin belt.

2. For decorating the sleeves and shoulders you can use rhinestones.

3. Knitted jacket can be supplemented with volume flowers made of fabric. These flowers can be used as brooches.

4. Personality can be emphasized through interesting applications.

5. To change the look of a blouse without recycling can be with the necklace– collar, matched by color.

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