Fishnet stockings (photos)

Among women there is a perception that stockings are less comfortable than tights. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the stockings can slide in the most opportune moment for them requires several additional elements for fastening. However, this view is mistaken. At first, the stockings and tights are two different things, and secondly, the modern stockings can stand on his feet without additional attachments.

So, the stockings… Them there is a great variety in color and texture. Today is «Fashionable» will tell you about the special stockings – fishnet, wear that a woman can in a special mood. Unlike tights which warm the feet and help to comply with the dress code, stockings are created to give feet a special sexuality and attractiveness. Fishnet stockings have a truly magical effect – no man misses the woman stockings. It is therefore not surprising that some women’s stockings – a way of life.

Fishnet pantyhose today the center of attention and at the peak of popularity. Proof of this are the various presentations of the collection of world famous designers. Without this subject of female clothes will not do, perhaps no romantic female character of any style.

Lace became so popular that penetrated into the images of the most conservative styles. So, classic dresses and suits in combination with the fishnet stockings, they look completely new, elegant and intriguing. However, the most daring fancy cocktails occur in combination with the clothing in military style, or minimalism.

Many think that fishnet tights are only slender girls, but it’s not, unless you choose stockings with a large pattern that visually adds volume. Therefore, women with curvaceous, it is recommended to wear fishnet tights with small vertical pattern. These sexy and sophisticated stockings on legs, without a doubt, will attract the attention of the opposite sex. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired effect, to select fishnet stockings carefully, taking into account not only the pattern and its size, but also color. For example, fishnet stockings black, dark gray, Burgundy and purple colors will become visible and effective element of even the most ordinary outfit.

Fashion magazines are full of photos bold images of models fascinate with its tenderness and originality. However, the photos stylish ensembles with fishnet stockings look great, but how to implement them in everyday life? Designers recommend combining fishnet stockings with clothes romantic colors and cut. It can be dresses in delicate small flower or a cage.

Today a sign of good taste is the ability to combine in a single image several tough textures. Fishnet stockings will be the perfect addition to the outfit of gentle style and textures, draped with lace or embroidery decoration. To complete this way can ordinary shoes with low heels or sophisticated «oxfords».

What to wear fishnet stockings?

Most often, fishnet stockings in neutral colors, like black or Nude, will fit under clothes of almost any style – they will be a great addition to the image. However, it is necessary to remember some recommendations of stylists to wear these stockings.

First, fishnet stockings like any other not wear under trousers, both classic and denim. Some fashionistas prefer to wear stockings under short shorts, but not lace. They should be colored or black. In addition, should not be seen braces.

Secondly, the fishnet stockings are not worn under mini. The top edge of the stocking must cover the skirt or dress. With the exception of young slim and bold girl, which is thoughtful. Otherwise there is a risk of complete failure.

Thirdly, the stockings should not be worn over tights. So if not the season, it is better to abandon this subject. Exception – knit fishnet stockings. They can be worn over tights.

Fishnet stockings with belt: how to wear such a design?

Some girls are hesitant to wear fishnet stockings without a belt with suspenders that has a functional role – to keep the stockings on the legs. But the fashion world is being improved, like everything else, so already have stockings that do not slide, even without a belt.

And yet fishnet stockings with a belt and panties look very sexy on any lady. These kits are quite different. Thus, the belt can be various widths – from «rope» with four rubbers to a wide thick belt, covering the lower part of the abdomen and performs a shaping role. In addition, there are designs without the belt, where panties replace its role – are attached to them elastic bands for stockings.

Also gum openwork stockings can be attached to a bustier or corset. In this bustier will perfectly replace the bra. Choosing such a structure, it is worth remembering that it is not designed for daily wear, but rather for a special occasion, perhaps an intimate meeting. Also, remember that clothes must not reveal traces of bustier, corset and other seductive elements of the design.

As for the color scheme, the belt is better to choose the bedding set, and it is better to buy a ready set – bra, panty and belt.

If fishnet stockings, they fit linen of any color. Fishnet stockings black color perfect for black lingerie or color, for example pastel shades. Under linen white color you should wear Nude, light colored or white fishnet stockings.

What shoes to wear fishnet stockings?

Fishnet stockings – the subject is quite feminine and delicate, so the shoes should be appropriate. Petite shoes heels always looks perfectly with these stockings, but if such shoes are not very usual, you can choose ballet flats or wedges.

Black fishnet stockings will look great with colored shoes or black, but a light shoes is better to wear stockings.

In addition, there are rules against the type of shoes. So, if shoes are open-toed, then it is recommended to wear fishnet stockings of corporal.

Remember, any open shoes – sandals, sandals, Slippers, fishnet stockings and any other not wear. These shoes worn on bare feet.

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