Fishnet dress

Openwork fabric is an amazing discovery masters, which emphasizes the aristocratic choice says luxury. It’s amazing the embodiment of femininity, originality and individuality. Considering preferences and fashion, we can say that openwork dresses are used for evening outs and on weekdays.

Fancy dress

If your dress is made from gorgeous, darling crochet, then you will be simply irresistible this evening. no matter what it’s made of lace, lace or knitting. If the openwork of your dress is great, it is necessary to use a case. No matter what dress you wear today — long or short, they will look elegant.

The basic colors are black or gold metallic, but you can choose any shade of your dress. If you complete your look with stilettos and handbag-clutch bag, then you definitely will not be equal.

Casual dress

Fishnet dress can be purchased even with a small pattern and style, it’s not how much will hurt your style, even if you buy it for work. Normally, openwork casual dress straight cut, there are no innovations, because the fabric itself looks great. Medium dress length knee length, closed neckline, there are lining or cover. Also, you can dress to wear to work and to study. This dress can be combined with a Cape jacket or Bolero. As an accessory it is better to use bags of warm colors and not much stands out jewelry.

Beach dresses

When creating a beach dress made from fishnet fabric designers can’t stop the flow of their ideas. The lack of lining, the large picture above the knee length and a variety of colors — all this can be seen in the collection fishnet beach dresses. Best of all, the colors were plain, but very bright. Never go out of fashion white. In this case it is better to use accessories manual descent — woven bags, belts, sandals.

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