Festive clothing

Anyone for the next holiday picks for a beautiful and elegant clothes, and everyone in the closet is bound to have at least one set of «output» clothes. These things dress up only for special occasions, and features festive clothes from casual clothes its originality and brightness. However, festive clothes needs to match the nature of the event.

Gala reception

The man in this case may be limited in a nice suit and proper under it shoes. It needs to sit well on the figure, and if you plan a strict dress code, you should wear pale tie or butterfly.

In turn, women start preparing for this event for some days, because each must be thoroughly planned your own way and pick a luxurious evening dress. The limitation for this method is too plunging necklines and excessively short dresses.

At the same time, even for such a solemn event, a woman may come to him in her black dress in a classic style, decorated with lace and rhinestones.

And in a festive atmosphere as it is impossible by the way will be the strapless dress, and this attire the figure will appear visually taller and slimmer, and the lack of straps will allow you to focus in the dress for the neckline.

Very popular on the occasion of solemn receptions dresses with pleating or draping, but at the same time we should not forget that the drape may be over-emphasize figure flaws.

The actual choice becomes a dress embroidered with stones, and in that dress you should refuse any additional decorations.

Corporate party

For such events, a man should choose a bright enough shirt, but other than that you can also use is an acceptable combination of jeans and jacket.

Women tend to choose cocktail dresses, made of fabrics of different colors. The elegance of the silhouette is perfectly able to emphasize for example silk or velvet. But if you want to achieve a more strict way, then you should wear some light chiffon blouse and business jacket.

Festive clothing

In birthday suit any woman looks elegant, and to kinda get away from formality, then you can use the jacket with sleeves in three quarters, and decoration of this dress can serve as a belt or a brooch. A good idea would be to look straight trousers with a strapless top, and for this ensemble appropriate accessories will be a necklace or big earrings.

Festive clothing

Festive clothing

Informal party with friends

The man in this case, you may wear any comfortable clothing: jeans or pants and a bright shirt. With the exception of becomes except that the tracksuit.

Women’s the appropriate outfit is the pants, embellished with rhinestones jeans and a stylish shirt bright top. You will also be able to wear the dress and is appropriate in that outfit will look bright shoes and accessories.

Special holidays

There are a number of activities that should exclusively wear special outfits: carnivals, weddings and themed parties.

If to speak about wedding, then it’s pretty simple, and the groom should be dressed up mockingly in a posh suit, and the bride not less luxurious white dress.

Carnival attire is definitely created with full skirts, gloves and feathers.

To a costume party you should dress so as to be similar to your chosen character.

Recently become popular variety of womens ethnic suits, which can also be used at relevant events.

Children’s festive clothing

The child’s parents are trying to prepare him for the upcoming children’s holiday in advance, as the search for holiday clothes take a lot of time, and that clothing in many respects will determine the mood of the baby.

Often the parents of the boys get dressed in black-and-white tuxedos, due to which the child looks very stylish. But at the same time, the more acceptable it becomes some festive clothes, and if we talk, for example about dress for girls, apart from beauty, they also should be comfortable enough.

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