Fashionable women’s sandals, Slippers and flip flops

And that’s already approaches to the end of winter, very soon it will be spring and summer, and turns again to update your wardrobe with new clothes and shoes. And the most popular style of shoes for summer are sandals, Slippers, flip flops.

If you have a habit of constantly wearing high heels and you just have to add a couple of inches to their height using the studs, then when you go to the beach, do not wear sandals or shoes with huge heels. Sandals, flip flops or Slippers — this is a superb fashion footwear designed for relaxation and entertainment.

Fashion sandals, Slippers, flip-flops this year — bright colors.

What color flip flops and sandals will be popular this year? The answer is very simple — a bright rainbow. Bright and rich colors of summer shoes not only creates excellent mood and very positive attitude.

Fashionable sandals, Slippers and flip flops — real elements.

Decorate your summer shoes the regular rhinestones. The wealth and luxury of Swarovski crystals will adorn your sandals and flip-flops with rhinestones, which are always relevant to any women’s things. They will create a festive mood not only in your soul, but also on clothes and shoes. Small, thin straps, decorative rhinestones, your charming leg will look just amazing, showcasing all the beauty and grace.

Very often, the adornment for shoes is the bow and, of course, flowers. If you are very romantic, for you, the decor in the Tiffany style is the best option. Because you know exactly what the ribbons and bows turquoise is the most favorite decor Tiffany.

Also looks very strange decor with leopard print or created snakeskin. Leopard print, in spite of its showiness and aggression, will always remain, because it embodies through the beauty that is nature itself.

In these sandals you’ll feel like a real Amazon.

If you prefer a more Gothic style, then in the collection of Alexander McQueen you’ll find these sandals that will be the final focus of your image. They are painted with straps and chains, and in the middle they have a skull.

This year will be very fashionable metallic elements present not only in clothing but also in footwear. Metal even sandals used.

Sandals — a few words of history

Sandals is considered to be the most ancient kind of shoes. They first appeared in Ancient Egypt, then to Greece, Rome and so on. In other words, in countries where the climate is very hot and the sand is just unreal hot. So, in this Shoe easy to walk in.

Sandals are shoes with no heel. The sole can be created from different materials, with attached straps. Designers create sandals of different models, different materials of any color. Very unusual look sandals which are called jelly sandals. They wear this name due to the bright saturated material that is very reminiscent of peach or strawberry jelly. PVC or plastic material, emphasizing their gentle nature and bright colors.

Sandals to a greater extent — it is open-toed shoes, with small, thin straps — one strap is included between the thumb and middle finger of the foot and heel supported with straps that fasten perfectly twisting your ankle. there are such models, where the thumb enters the ring, or leg very freely placed on the sole. If you prefer shoes with a closed heel, then you these models offer designers in the collections of Alexander McQueen, Rene Caovilla.

Totally enclosed and non-standard version of Valentino really like Gothic girls.

Fashionable women’s sandals — flip flops

This Shoe, which is in the collection of Jimmy Choo (Jimmy Choo), is very comfortable and bright. In this unusual footwear, as in everything that makes the brand feel like a Queen at 100%, and your feet very comfortable. These sandals will never tire of the foot, as designers thought of everything about the comfort of the female foot.

Various colors and models of sandals will give you the opportunity to find the one that will fully reflect your look and style. They are very comfortable and it is fashionable. Despite the fact that a large number of Shoe models can only be used for going to the beach, but you can easily find a huge number of models that can be for any solemn occasion.

Girls who put on your feet shoes from this brand are known as brand Christian Louboutin (Christian Louboutin), I do know that they bought them because it is a very stylish and beautiful. If sandals by Christian Louboutin, the convenience and comfort you may not even think about.

Fashionable women’s flip flops

Flip flops are one of the varieties of sandals. They have such a difference that the strap is only between the thumb and second finger of the foot, the heel is not held and is not fixed by other elements. This Shoe is very popular with the inhabitants of warm Asian countries — Vietnam, Japan, China. They carry women, men and children. This is often shoes not only suit for beach, but also during a hike in the pool or bath.

In our country this footwear be worn on bare feet. But you should know that in Japan, women wear this shoes with socks where the big toe separates from the rest, to be comfortable to wear this shoes. In Japan, this Shoe is called the Zori and socks — tabi.

Flip flops is a very ancient shoes, but when it is necessary to say that the imagination of designers has no limit.

Sandals, Slippers and flip flops for spring-summer — tips for this style.

Sandals look great with short skirts, pants, shorts.

Sandals that have a strap near the ankle a little break the leg line, looks a bit shortening the foot and ankle repents wider than it is.

If you have sweaty heels, then you need to wear sandals with closed heel.

Shoes from the most popular and famous brands, of course, is not very cheap. But in it you’ll excellent feel, and every time you wear these sandals, you’ll feel complete satisfaction. If you do decide to save, you can always buy the same shoes from affordable brands.

Creating your new summer wardrobe, don’t save money on sandals, so remember that you will need to go to them, not only to the beach. This is a very important element of your wardrobe. Sandals should look elegant, beautiful and be comfortable. Just think, how will look your slender tanned feet in such shoes. Therefore, it is necessary to very accurately determine the color and styles of this shoes, then they will make your legs graceful and beautiful.

Below in the photo gallery you will see fashionable women’s sandals, Slippers and flip flops :

Fashionable women's sandals, Slippers and flip flops

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