Fashionable women suits 2012

In the new 2012 season will be relevant knitted suits school style. Large selection of women’s costumes can be seen in the collections of such fashion brands like Valentino and Chanel.

Fashion remains popular and classic, and relative male and female costumes. This option offers Dolce and Gabanna. Also in trend are women’s costumes of velvet, which look very stylish and impressive. Our advice is to pay attention to the costumes of «triples» in the band, and a great addition to them will be a woman’s hat.

A real boon for ladies will be the suits from Balmain black and gold colors with a deep V — neckline, accentuated shoulders, short trousers, and narrow sleeves. But still the main trend of the season is women’s suits with short trousers. Classic women’s suits with tapered pants and arrows on them to complement the spectacular image of women.

However, designers recommend to combine with suits skirts in bright colors. Below are photos of women’s suits 2012:

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