Fashionable velour dresses – 2017

Fashionable velour dresses – 2017

Velour dresses – trend this season. Designers have tried to make such models of dresses that would fit and every day and for special occasions. Velour – this fabric is soft, velvety and very pleasant to the touch.


Velour dress looks very beautiful, but this is not its only advantage:

1.Velour – the fabric is comfortable and soft, this dress will be very convenient. The basis of velour – cotton, therefore your dress will breathe and will not trigger allergies.

2.This dress will be warm in the cold season, it can be a great alternative to knit.

3.Velour adds volume, so velour dress perfect fragile girl, which it will create alluring curves. But this does not mean that it won’t suit girls with curves. You only need to choose the right style.

4.Velour dresses combine perfectly with any other clothes and accessories. Well with the suede will look like lace, satin and chiffon. Velour and casual dresses can be combined with denim.


•Sheath dress. This kind of gown is the ideal choice for the business woman, tired of the standard office dress. You should choose a model with a ¾ sleeve or even sleeveless, because from the top you will wear a short jacket or blazer. This style perfectly hide completeness, therefore, suitable for women with curvaceous.

Also sheath dress perfect for a Grand entrance. Will look great velour dress with open back, neckline, one-shoulder or interesting accents.

•A line. This dress is also suitable for all women, because its flared skirt will perfectly hide both the extra pounds on the hips and excessive thinness.

Choosing casual dress model, will opt for a more relaxed cut, and perhaps even a bit baggy dress. Dress intended for special occasions must be fitted. Look good a dress with a high waist, flattering, beautiful Breasts and a thin waist.

•A-line dress. Velour – the fabric is self-sufficient, so the excessive decor and draping it does not need. For a special occasion ideal dress simple cut and loose silhouette. Will look spectacular dress with geometrically correct neckline.

•Asymmetric and split. For all lovers of experiments should pay attention to the asymmetric model velour dresses, as well as a model with a deep slit. This dress is perfect for girls with beautiful and slim legs.

If for a special occasion you select deaf dress floor length and has long sleeves and a plunging neckline, which when walking would be tempting to open up your hip, you will be at this event, the sexiest.

•With sleeves. Sleeve velour dress may be different. In addition to classic straight sleeveless you can find models with a wide cap sleeves, and sleeves puffed.


Length velour dresses can also be different. Everything will depend on the format of the event, to which you in a dress are going to go.

•Mini. Every day is perfect velour mini dress. With it you can create an image in casual style. For this you only need to replace your usual dress in velour and Supplement it with a denim jacket and chunky boots.

•Copper. These dresses are considered classics. They can come in as business ladies and those who are going to a festive event. Velour will give your way of solemnity, and the average length will not allow you to go beyond the limits of decency in any situation.

•Maxi. Long velour dress is the perfect choice for truly special occasions. This outfit will make you Queen of any celebration, because that’s why stars often choose such dresses to exit on the red carpet. The highlight of this dress may become a deep cut or open back.

For full

For women with curvaceous ideal dress of velvet with a high waist. Although this dress is quite versatile and will suit owners of any type of figure.

If you have wider shoulders and hips, your figure, you will be able to balance with classic dresses are A-line or sheath dress. But if you need to hide a protruding stomach, choose a dress with Basques.

If you have the type of figure «pear» shoulders and chest should not be hidden under the dress. Choose a bustier dress or any variation on this theme. Draped or fitted silhouette would be the best choice, which will allow you to look amazing.

Perfect full ladies suit dress coat, which with the help of smell will hide your extra kilos, and at the same time will highlight the waist and beautiful Breasts.


Color choice will primarily depend on your personal preference. However, such dresses are often sewn from velour and deep saturated hues.

The most popular colors velour dresses are Burgundy, dark blue, emerald, chocolate and, of course, black. Dresses of these colors will fit like a socialite, and businesswoman. You can wear this dress to work with a business jacket, and after work – remove jacket, change shoes and go to a restaurant or any other festive event.

If you prefer a more daring color schemes, choose colors such as purple, Golden beige, red, steel and any other. If such a dress to complement the respective treatment, you will look like a Queen.

Choose plain velour dresses. If you this kind of dress seems simple, choose a model with the decor.


Velour high quality dress for a long time can maintain the beauty, even if you wash it often. However, it is only with proper care for them.

1.Washable velour dress, manually or in the «delicate» or «hand wash. However, it should be washed at temperature not exceeding 300C.

2.If you decide to wash your dress manually, do not remove it. Lightly press the dress so as not to dent it. Iron velour dress is not necessary, because they are virtually wrinkle after washing, and quickly restore its original appearance.

In velour dress every woman can feel like a luxury. If you choose the right style of this dress, it will help you to emphasize the dignity of the figure and conceal her flaws. Give yourself the opportunity to be a gorgeous woman and buy yourself a trendy dress made from velour, which will become a real highlight of your wardrobe.

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