Fashionable turtleneck-bodysuit – 2017

Fashionable turtleneck-bodysuit – 2017

The turtleneck bodysuit is very comfortable and convenient universal thing. This garment does not lose its popularity for several seasons in a row. Women can experiment with images.


In turtleneck-bodysuit there are a number of advantages:

•It is perfectly underlines the figure.

•Makes a slimmer silhouette.

•Perfectly holds the form.

•Perfect with jeans, pants or skirts.

•Suitable for any weather.


Modern ladies are so fond of this garment, fashion designers began to develop different models of this stuff, making it a real trend.

•Linen. This garment is very skimpy and seductive. Such clothes are often complementary cutouts in the back, fishnet inserts or entirely of lace. Lingerie often has sexual overtones and is an attribute of romantic that your husband will be able to appreciate.

•For sports. In sports jerseys or t-shirts often ride up or hinder. Another thing – your body. It may be different with short sleeves, spaghetti straps, as well as in the form of Mikey.

•Corrective. This model bodysuit will help you to hide the problem areas of your body. It can be worn to a party or date, because it can adjust your figure that even the most formfitting dress will be on you to be perfect, and people will not be able to take from you admiring glances.

•Transparent. If you are planning to go to a party and want to look great and original, you will certainly have to taste the lace bodysuit. It looks just gorgeous and goes perfectly with jeans, shorts, jeans and skirts. However, it must wear a bra.


One of the main requirements that apply to this dress, is that she had a nice body. Therefore, these bodysuits are sewn from natural linen, cotton and silk.

For the production of winter-body use a thin knit. He has a nice body, wear-resistant and inexpensive. In the model, which is designed for sports, usually added elastane. Synthetic fibers give the material elasticity, so the body will sit perfectly on the figure and will repeat all your movements.

Another popular material is lace, which is made of a turtleneck-bodysuit intended for evening outs.


Often the turtleneck-bodysuit sewn from classic black and white colors. They can be worn on any occasion, for example, and work on a date or to a discotheque. The pain of these colors will perfectly match with clothes of any colors.

Popular women’s blouse-bodysuit in red and blue, but they will be more difficult to combine with other clothes. However, they will be able to add in your desired color.

Also you might like bold colors, yellow. They are perfect for walks, sports or active leisure.

With what mix?

Since the turtleneck bodysuit is a thing quite universal, it can be combined with almost any clothing.

1.Business-like style. Perfectly with each other will be combined turtleneck bodysuit and pencil skirt. This ensemble accentuates the curves of your figure and will accentuate the waist. If you don’t want to attract undue attention, complete this ensemble with a cardigan or jacket. Another option to work will be a combination of turtleneck-bodysuits and pants. Suitable for this purpose straight pants «cigarette» or narrower «pipes». They are very comfortable and fashionable combination. Add this image of elegant pumps to stiletto or square heels.

2.The casual style. Leaders in street style is jeans. But if they do add a fashionable and comfortable roll neck body, then you do not have to fear that your jeans will slide and reveal your back. To make a slimmer silhouette will be able jeans with a high waist.

3.Summer variant. In summer style will perfectly fit body of a light fabric that can be combined with long or short skirts, and sandals or sandals.

4.Evening image. For evening wear are perfect turtleneck bodysuit from lace or with lace inserts, decorated with crystals, sequins. It can Supplement skinny jeans, mini-skirts and shoes on heels.

Spectacular images

The turtleneck bodysuit is a garment not quite normal, so not every woman dares to wear it. To create this garment a bold would be quite difficult.

For publication you can create a chic image with a black cotton turtleneck-bodysuit and tight skirt. This method simply can not go unnoticed. If you add a small clutch decorated with pearls or sequins, you can safely go to any party.

Turtleneck bodysuit in black, on the shoulders which are bold stripes paired with a short black shorts are perfect for summer parties. Complement a way a small bag, platform sandals and big bracelets and have fun until the morning.

Office style suit blouse-shirt relaxed colors that can be combined with any bottom. The waist can emphasize a strap.

The image in the casual style can be created with turtleneck-bodysuit with deep cut-out located on the back. If necessary, it will be possible to cover up cardigan chunky knit or a loose jacket. As for shoes, the stylists suggest to complement the look with sneakers, ankle boots or shoes on sustainable heels.

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