Fashionable sweatshirt dress – 2017

Fashionable sweatshirt dress – 2017

Sweatshirt dress is a unique combination of practicality and femininity, it can become the basis for the creation of a large number of all images, both in sports and in everyday style.


Sweatshirt dress can be very different lengths: mini, MIDI, Maxi, and just below the hip to the knee or ankle. Any model can be supplemented with side slits or contain parts of different lengths. Sweatshirt dress can be both simple and decorated in the form of stones, buttons, or beads.

A sporty sweatshirt dress can have a baggy loose fit. They can be supplemented with hoods, pockets or high collars. This can be attributed to model oversize. Classical models of dresses-sweatshirts-fitting and elegant, have a v-neck or crew neck, no hood, but can be neat pockets.

Stylized models can have all the features of the hoodies, it will have the ordinary style of dress. For example, they can be well seen silhouette, and the skirt will not end with a rubber band and encircle his feet.

Dress combo sweatshirt looks very original, it is often confused with two different articles of clothing. These models look like they consist of truncated models hoodies and skirts.

With what mix?

Sweatshirt dress is a separate garment. However, some models, for example, short or oversize, it will look great in combination with leggings or jeans. However, with dress-sweatshirt often wear tights, not only thin nylon, but also warm. Fall over a sweatshirt dress you can wear a leather jacket or bomber jacket.

As for shoes, then to a dress Shoe, sneakers, boots, sneakers, and platform boots or heels. Summer options can complement shoes or even sandals. Short model sweatshirt dress, you can also add long boots above the knees.

Accessories should be selected based on the overall style of your image. However, jewelry of precious metals and stones are not very suitable to the dress-sweatshirt. It is best to opt for jewelry. You can also complement this dress with a scarf, a hat, stockings or socks. The bag can also be a sport classic or a small model with a shoulder strap.

Spectacular images

Dress or trousers? In some cases, did not understand, because this model is so original that it can be worn both separately and in combination with other clothes. Because of the layering would be difficult to understand, how much is actually on you.

Classic sweatshirt dress – thing self-sufficient, so it is necessary only to choose the right accessories and shoes. Prefer comfortable shoes.

Traditional sweatshirt dress bright colors can be complemented with high heeled shoes or platform and go to the party.

Short sweatshirt dress will look spectacular with long suede boots.

You can also wear the short model sweatshirt dress with leggings. And to not seem boring to you, complete with heels and accessories. Many said that it is unacceptable to wear this kind of dress together with jeans. However, free model sweatshirt dress it is possible to combine with skinny jeans. Stylish models with an asymmetric length and slits in the Supplement is not needed. The main thing to choose the right shoes so that nobody can take from you your sight.

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