Fashionable sundresses

In our time, the sarafan are no longer considered clothing for house or garden which was intended only for walks in the fresh air and away from the bustle of city life. All the famous top designers derive the once dull and boring clothes in women’s wardrobes in the city: trendy sundresses this year will be a real element of the city’s style – daytime and evening.

Holly Fulton

The main distinctive feature of a sundress is its convenience when wearing. As you know this style has a spacious waist, slim sleeves, straps or even their absence (lately more common model with long sleeves) that do not hinder movement when walking and good at hiding all figure flaws. For convenience, on the back of the sundress is sewn elastic, which allows the body not to remember about fatigue throughout the day.

In the garden, the garden Designers Dolce&Gabbanа added to his spring-summer collection is a bit of irony, using a word of mouth topic. They brought to the court of the famous Italian fashionistas flared dresses with bodices bustier, which was decorated with large prints of eggplants, onions, tomatoes and red pepper. Bright summer model and suggests that the Italian fashionista’s time in the gardens and orchards, and not to walk around the fashionable boutiques in via Montenapoleone!


The main trend is that the more word of mouth print this year, the better it is. Besides the usual garden flowers, vegetables and fruits is becoming popular again and print the «Oriental cucumber». It is designed in light and bright shades than before. It perfectly decorates any sundresses democratic brands. Jersey restful shades sundresses Jersey is a wonderful solution to create a strong image that can be included in the office closet.

As you know, these skorts are missing the lush ruffles, ruffles and ruching on the bodice. They are more like long athletic dresses that are made of their breathable fabrics with thin spaghetti straps. Very popular model in a pin-striped beige and Navy blue palette, and also completely beige and slightly muted versions of the color block. Such hints include: a combination of gray and gentle turquoise shades of pastel pink and ivory.

Urban way ladies are easy to create using bright silk scarf at the neck, and colored clogs or wedge, and of course, the sundress.

Shiny accents

Fashionable sundresses quite often decorated with various embroidery, shiny beads, sequins. Ordinary way fully can be exchanged for a glamorous evening, adding lace panels, fringe, feathers, lush rosettes of chiffon and gold detail on peacocke and straps. Your image will be successful if you make it bright enough and brilliant.

Particularly important is the use of black formal sundresses that can compete with conventional evening dresses, the tog. These models are required to wear formal shoes with heels, evening makeup and big jewelry.



Maxi sundress is a great option for going to a formal dinner in a seaside restaurant or on the summer terrace in the big city. Long sundresses this year is different lightest silk and translucent chiffon with the use of monochrome and slightly muted evening colours – purple, deep green and dark blue.

Such a dress is very difficult to call a sundress. So it is solid and looks elegant. Of course, if a little closely, in form they resemble an ordinary grandmother’s sundresses that only stitched in the latest fashion. An integral part of this style is the open back and thin straps crisscross.


What to wear with

Fashionable sundresses should be worn with straw hat-Trilby or a wide-brimmed Panama. These accessories, in addition to sun protection will give the image extra holiday charm . The sundresses is best to choose shoes on a low wicker wedge heel made of rope, colorful ribbons to match to clothing.

Sandals -«gladiators» are still very popular. They are able to emphasize a cheerful mood sundresses. The sun dresses are very suitable large jewelry, jewelry that will shimmer brightly under the rays of the sun. Among them it is possible to use a large copper bracelet»handcuffs», long earrings with colored stones, a necklace in the Greek style directly under the throat.

Below in the photo gallery you will find trendy sundresses :


Fashionable sundresses


Fashionable sundresses

Roberto Cavalli


Fashionable sundresses


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