Fashionable sundresses spring-summer 2017

One of the main trends of the season spring-fall 2017 open shoulders. Therefore, the sundress this season is simply irreplaceable. Designers pay attention to the fact that this summer sundress is not only the prerogative of a beach holiday. Sundresses you’ll be able to go to a party, a walk and even to work. We will now introduce you to the main types of fashion in 2017 sundresses.

Transparent sundresses

One of the main trends of last season was the transparency. This trend was relevant even in the winter, and in summer it will be simply irreplaceable. Frank sundresses, through which one can see some details of your body will be very fashionable.

Skorts underwear style

A wholesale fashion clothing underwear style is not bypassed and sundresses. Transparent and weightless models which are more like underwear and are best suited for a romantic date, this season will appear on the streets. And more extreme versions of these sundresses will be possible to see the celebrations.

Sundresses with glitter

Sundresses from shiny fabrics or embellished with sparkling rhinestones or sequins will be very relevant this year. Shimmer and Shine presented by the designers for any occasion. This sundress can turn any woman into a Queen.

Layered sundresses

Designers say that you should not give up sundresses even if the day was not very hot. This season they offer to dress in the style of cabbage. The summer sundress you will be able to put on a turtleneck, blouse or t-shirt and can even wear them with boots or chunky boots.

Sundresses with a plunging neckline

Given the fashion style underwear and transparent clothes, seductive degrees on the streets this season will greatly increase. However, if you do not risk to wear these skimpy sundresses, you can opt for a sundress with a deep neckline. Neckline this season is also very fashionable, your sundress can have both round and square and even V-shaped cut-outs. Importantly, the cut was as deep as possible.

Long sundresses

Fashion rules are such that the deeper the neckline, the longer should be your sundress. So deep cuts are most common for sundresses Maxi length. Every fashion designer in his summer collection was presented a sundress. Some certain styles in these sundresses is not, however, they should not be gentle nor rough.

Short sundresses

For a beach or country holiday is fine short sundress. Submitted by fashion designers also sun dresses that reveal the shoulders and legs. Models can also be quite extreme: from the transparent models to a very short version.

Sundresses with flowers

The flowers is a traditional print for clothing spring-summer season. However, as the little black dress, they are from summer fashion will not ever. However, the designers present every year, new versions of these floral prints, the purpose of which is to emphasize your femininity.

Word of mouth geometry

For those floral prints have become boring, is to pay attention to the geometric patterns on the tunics. Stripes, squares, circles, triangles, zigzags and other geometric patterns are in this season is also very popular.

Sundresses halter

Alternatively bored of straps becomes halter neckline on the sundresses. Designers presented a variety of options such openings. This arm is not suitable only to owners of large Breasts or broad shoulders. However, they can be offset by volume or prints.

Leather skorts

Leather is not a traditional material for women’s clothes, but this season fashion designers are trying to convince us. The tunics of skin is represented in the collections of many fashion houses.

Sun dresses with train

Another fashion trend spring-summer season of 2017 be the plumes and asymmetric hems. This is particularly true of sundresses light fabrics. In these dresses women will look more light and graceful.

Loose sundresses

Even the owner of magnificent forms this year will be able to dress in sundresses. After this season presents the sundresses not only cut shirt, but also free model that will not hamper your movements. And to add to this model of seduction is possible due to the deep neckline.

As we can see, models sundresses this year will be able to meet the needs of any woman. Designers give us space for all sorts of experiments and fantasies.

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