Fashionable sleeveless – 2017

One of the most common and popular styles is the sleeveless dress, which not only sew from light airy fabrics, the most suitable for summer. For the colder time these dresses are sewed from a dense material, knitted fabrics, suede or leather.

Little black dress

Black sheath dress, simple and neat cut, without sleeves, would be the best option not only for everyday but also for special output. To work in the office this dress can be worn with a classic jacket of muted soft colors.

Also the dress is sleeveless you can wear a white shirt. As for shoes, choose one that will be appropriate to look at the office. For example, it may be the classic pumps.

But if you want to look great in the theater, at a concert or in a restaurant, complement your dress with colorful accessories or some decorations such as flowers, a scarf, brooch or modern fashion jewelry.

At informal events you can throw on sleeveless dress in a beautiful silk or satin blazer, which can be decorated with beautiful embroidery, sequins or original buttons.

And shoes for this event must be on pretty high heels. It can be shoes, but you can pick up something original, like beautiful boots made from fine leather and suede or velvet. And, of course, you need to make yourself a festive makeup and hair.

Casual dress

When choosing a casual dress that has no sleeves, preference should be given free models. Will look great dresses for women working in creative professions. And in order to look different, you can wear it under another shirt or turtleneck.

Another excellent option to complement a model dresses can become a Bolero. It can be sewn from fabric or fur, and can be knitted. You can go to visit or to a restaurant.

Knit dress

Knitted sleeveless dress deserves special attention. It can be supplemented with original detail – detachable sleeves. This model will look very feminine and even sexy. These sleeves you can wear gloves, leaving part of the hands of a seductive Nude.

For winter this will be the perfect option. These dresses will look great in coral and lavender, turquoise or cream. And in order that the dress didn’t look ordinary, it can be supplemented with bright boots, suitable color for your dress.

I should say that the dress sleeveless fashion does not ever come out, so you can safely buy the classic models of such dresses and replenish your wardrobe.

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