Fashionable shoes spring-2017

Now and finally finished the new year holidays. Winter will soon give way to warm and gentle spring. And that means it’s time to look into closet and start preparing for the upcoming season. It is likely you will be not ready for a fashionable spring! First and foremost is, of course, about shoes.

The trend toward practicality still reigns in the minds of the designers and their clients. Who would wear uncomfortable high heels, if possible and sneakers to look stylish, fashionable and feminine. So, we offer you the top-5 models of comfortable women’s Shoe that is acutely relevant in this season:

1. Sneakers and shoes. Yes, it is the same athletic shoes that a couple of seasons ago was reserved only for the gym, now at the forefront of fashion. The outputs of the collections of sneakers from famous personalities, original design and a nice versatile color has done its job and now rare fashionista wardrobe will cost at least one pair of sneakers «exit».

2. Espadrilles. This is a relatively new variant shoes. Its inventor lived in Sunny California and made it up to surfers. Over time with traditional shoes tanned beauties and handsome from the coast, this Shoe has migrated into the wardrobe of fashionistas from around the world. From the previous version it features the sole is solid and wide, about three to five centimeters.

This pair will look great with skinny jeans and floaty skirt. Especially given the fact that the design of this Shoe is a huge number — from classic white to multi-colored models or couples, decorated with chains, rhinestones and acrylic.

3. Espadrilles. Another model from the Sunny coast, though, this time of Spain and the South of France. A distinctive feature can be considered as a rope structure of the sole. It is worth considering that these shoes, unlike the espadrilles, over summer and for the first months of spring, it will not work.

4. Tractor sole. The trends of the past, present and coming season. Stylish, comfortable and somewhat extravagant outsole tread car tightly took up positions in the collections of fashion brands.

5. Ballet flats. Well this model of shoes, probably well known to you. If you are ready for the extreme experiments in style, but appreciate the practicality and want to be «in trend», choose these lighter, comfortable shoes without heels.

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